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House fires

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bretto61, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Well it's that time of year again when we all get out the old heaters and elecky blankets.
    Anywho I lost my house and everything I owned. Well sans the Duc and KTM. That's all I had time to get out before the house became fully ablaze.
    I'm writing this as our next door neighbors house just went up. They weren't home. Poor bastards. They came as we were trying to fight it. But it was beyond a couple of garden hoses.
    Believe me their is nothing worse then losing everything. No dealing with the insurance afterwards.
    But anywho groovers. Check your alarms and get an extinguisher and have a safe winter

  2. My brother in laws bothers home went up last year taking him and a freind,15 year old townhouse and an early morning nightmare,check your alarm regularly,it happens way to oftern
  3. Shit mate that's not good at all. Very glad to hear you got out ok and condolences to Zim's bro in law & mate who weren't so lucky.

    Hope everyone makes sure they have working smoke alarms, a fire blanket in the kitcken, and an extinguisher both in the shed (if you do work in there) and in the house. You have no idea how handy they are!

    Bretto61 - Can you shed some light as to how the fire started?
  4. Holy shit :eek: Terribly sorry to hear this, Bretto. Are your loved ones safe?
  5. No it wasn't me. I live next door. Mine burnt to the ground in 02. It took a long long time to get over it. As I am sure it will Matty. She is a single mom already doing it tough.
    They had gone out for dinner so it was not cooking or candles. The inspector said it started on the lounge. The daughter said all she had on the lounge was a portable DVD player. Could have been the AC/DC pack for that. They do get pretty hot. Poor kid is devastated. Blaming herself like kids do.
    We had just finished dinner and I smelt the smoke. Nothing burning in our kitch so I went outside and it was thick with smoke. Looked over the fence and saw the glow from her windows and heard the cracking. As i said I jumped the fence but the house was locked tight and I was not real sure about breaking a window and adding more air to fuel the fire. So I ran around and turned off the electricity and undid her gas bottles and laid them down in the wet grass. Tis raining here. By that time the firies had arrived. A few minutes later Matty did.
    God I am going to have some bad flash back dreams tonight I think. Yuck nothing worse materialistic can happen to you.
    She had alarms but they did not go off. If they did I would have heard them and maybe been able to do something earlier. Maybe. Fark hindsight is wonderful but pointless. If you have to beg borrow or steal make sure your alarms have new batteries.
  6. Relieved to know it's not your house, Brett. I mistook it to mean both houses went up in flames. Good on you for helping your neighbour.