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House buys a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by carri27, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Anyone else a fan of 'House' (the tv show)?

    he just bought a CBR.
  2. *turns on the telly*

    I like House.
  3. Hey we had the reverse last week

    Bike (Deyago) buys a House! :LOL:
  4. LoL iam watching that now too, to bad he didnt take off with it
  5. tho he wasn't wearing helmet or gloves - not a great message to noobies :grin:
  6. am watching House now (ads on )
    the best line was when they went out side and house is stiiting on the bike the guy says to him

    a 2 wheeled motor vehicle that can do 150 mph
    and a crippled drug addict don't mix house revs the bike a few times and says WHAT :grin:
    than they think of new ideas to diognose the young lad haveing seizures
  7. cool - love the internal bleeding shots!!!
  8. the actor rides a new trumpy in life[harley hater].
    from last week's newspaper/ magizine...
  9. House was always cool.

    Now he's so much cooler!

    Love the show, love the bike.
  10. thx blackgixxer.

    just googled Hugh Laurie and found this as a start:

    Father of Charlie, Bill, and Rebecca.

    Achieved a third-class degree in Anthropology & Archaeology at Selwyn College, Cambridge University.

    Bought an all-black Triumph Bonneville motorcycle, a replica of the '60s British model, in Los Angeles, upon getting the role in "House, M.D." (2004) - but he was always an avid motorcyclist, even in England. He enjoys the anonymity the motorcycle helmet gives him.
  11. WOW a radio active part from a car yard on his key ring
    Poor kid even though it is a show not real life WOW
  12. yeah... the equivalent of 70,000 Xrays!!!
  13. it would be nice if he found out he had super powers

    Super :squid:
  14. at least he wore a helmet and gloves to ride off at the end :) don't see a lot of those helmets... open face (ie nothing 'round the chin) but with a chin-length visor
  15. He was much better in Blackadder (Hugh Laurie that is)
  16. I thought he was hilarious in Jeeves and Wooster alongside Stephen Fry.
  17. doctor " 2 wheeled motor vehicle that can do 150 mph"

    house "actually no, 2 wheeled motor vehicle that can do 180 mph :D"

    hahahah funny...i liked this show b4, now its even better
  18. UKTV had a heap of the best blackadder series on last weekend.. the world war one series.. Hugh was a hoot in them. Is anyone old enough to remember him in the Young Ones episode 'Bambi' .. the one where they were in university challenge ?

    Good to know he has a Trumpy in real life.. now there is a sign of class :p
  19. The funniest part was watching an interview with the cast and prudction crew recently and when House was cast the producer thought he was american, and nearly didnt cast him, although liked his style of makeing the character his own , then he found out he was englich and through a short list he got the part.