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Hours Of Staggeringly Dangerous Fun

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PatB, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Them country boys have far too much time on their hands.

    And I thought that sidecar outfits were pushing the limits of putting too much power into too little stability.

  2. Plow the field in 1/4 of the time!
  3. thats fcukin awesome
  4. Jesus, I just giggled like a schoolgirl watching that
  5. Hate to say this is a repost I do believe.
  6. They used to reckon a Sprintcar was a cross between a Tractor and a Cessna. A couple of wings on that and it might make the grade. Just add a bit of stagger.
  7. Who'd need a plough????
  8. Turbocharged rather than supercharged (vid description), if we're being pedantic, but it does look like a heap of fun.
  9. If you want to pedantic it's actually a turbosupercharger. The name only got shortened to turbocharger when they moved from being a military aircraft thing, to a civilian car thing. :p
  10. That thing looks surprisingly stable... o_O