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Hounded by a Land Cruiser. *A rant*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by negatron, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. G'day all,

    I ride a bolwell 50cc around Adelaide and I've taken heed to all the advise on these forums and ride around in a full faced helemt and proper riding gear.

    Anyhow, on saturday I was riding home from the shops then next to me at the lights pull up a big old land cruiser with 4 young yobbos in there.

    They look to the left and see the asian bloke on his little scooter and the bloody jeering begins.

    Now I ignore them and just carry on my way when the lights go green but these guys just stay next to me going on and on.

    It wasn't what they were saying or anything like that, but I was just worried that these idiots would have a little too much fun and swerve into me.

    a harrowing few minutes later they turned off and went away.

    But geez that experience makes for a bad one.

    ok *rant over*
  2. Now imagine if you were a girl :/
  3. yeah, where are the coppers when you need them to be right behind you?
  4. When you need it, there's never traffic so you can lane-split ahead.
    I agree, these yobbo idiots would be a danger to any vehicle on
    the road. Doesn't even matter if they're in a Cruiser, a Commodore,
    or a lowered Suzuki Swift.
    The only thing you can do is avoid.
  5. Get a bigger bike, or a shotgun- you're allowed shotguns in texas right?

    Nar- seriously you'll always have to deal with people like this thruout your life. A big smile to show that you couldn't care less is usually the way!
  6. On the way home from the Toy Run yesterday, I pulled up beside a Celica full of young boys. They had the windows down, doof-doof playing. I still had the tinsel on the back of the bike and they started pointing and laughing. I didn't give a f*ck, 'cause I knew I'd done a good deed that day.

    However, to make their day, I dialled up the rev's, until they couldn't even hear their stereo any more, then launched like a space shuttle when the lights changed.

    "Bye-bye kiddies!"
  7. What a pack of bloody morons!
    Don't they know all asian people are trained in martial arts?!?
  8. Yeah, but i dunno where you would fit one on a bike....

    *thinks back to terminator, with arnie on the bike and the shotty*

    Ah, the memories... :)
  9. Welcome to Adelaide.
    Becoming a bogan/yob seems to be a growth industry here of late.......
  10. Doesn't matter how small the bike is...anything's possible

  11. if you ever feel they put you in danger, stop, lift the 50cc with your hands, off the road, let them pass and then chase them down!!!
    That's what all the driver do, to avoid me tailgating them with my Hyosung - Super Cab 50cc :LOL:
  12. I thought it was where they hatched.
  13. typical of young guys in 4WD's I'm afraid. And I hate to say that cause I'm from a 4WD'ing family.

    Best action is to get out of there and avoid the situation altogether. On a bike, that may mean fanging it out of there, on a 50 it would be best to just turn off at the first side street and take another route.
  14. If I were in your position I wont know what to do(I mean on a 50cc). Since I'm on a 250 I'll just twist the wrist and go... It wont be as fast as bigger bikes but it still beats most cars....
  15. Were you with that group riding into Tamworth? If you were, I was doing my P's - Their were about 7 of us with big yellow vests on :) I was on a blue CBR250RR. I seen prolly 30 bikes with tinsel and bears...

  16. Follow them home and stop out the front and jump on your mobile and pretend to call your mates... or don't pretend... :twisted:
  17. That's a damn shame.

    At least you're alive.

    Those guys need to be beaten with a stick.
    Not bloodied, just beaten with a stick. :p
  18. That would really scare me :shock: badass scooter riders :LOL: :LOL: :p
  19. negatron's crew...who’s laughing now :demon: