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Hottest place on Earth.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. If you come from Ivanhoe, Tibooburra or Broken Hill and go for a ride on Sunday you'll be able to boast of having ridden in the hottest place on the planet... :LOL:

    New South Wales is forecast to become the hottest place on the planet on Sunday, with the current heatwave sending temperatures soaring to 47C. Worst hit will be residents in the western NSW towns of Ivanhoe, Tibooburra and Broken Hill

  2. Stuff the HRCA ride i'm going to the beach! :LOL:
  3. you can only boast if you make it back alive :LOL:
  4. My girlfriend has already ridden the hottest place on eath... ME :grin:
  5. I am sure she rode you like a biatch :p
  6. How many minutes before the cool change hit? :p :LOL:
  7. minutes as in plural? more than 1? you can do that? :oops: :oops:
  8. :rofl:
  9. When I was going to school they always reckoned that Marble Bar was the hottest place in Australia. Of course with climate change and all, it might now be home to a colony of penguins :LOL:.
  10. JazztehChef

    You Just Got OWND!

  11. got to 47.8 here today

    just had a flick round the rest of the country but it looks like we won the day for top hot, bet there were a lot of places east of us who had 40 by 9 AM and were still 40 or thereabouts at 5:30 PM

    putting in a quiet word with my deity of choice to look after those who are trying to contain the fires over east, poor buggers must be shagged by now.
  12. we got 42, but anything after 35 is just fcuken hot as far as I'm concerned.
  13. 'twas fine and 25 in my pool, and the beers started @ 4c :beer:
  14. surely somewhere tomorrow will hit the mighty 50 :grin:
  15. poor bastards, we got a couple of mates that moved to Werribee to get away from the heat up here.

    you southerners have my sympathy, we expect to get that sort of weather for a while each year

    no sign of anywhwere getting scalded today, temps have gone through the floor (comparatively) and the prevailing airstreams for the next few days projected to be SSW.

    anyways I'm getting out today for a ride............ yeehaaa!!!!!!!
  16. I have heard that when temperature is taken, it is measured in the shade. Can anyone verify this?? If true, it is really a few degrees hotter.
    Has anyone heard this too?
  17. the temperature is measured in the shade, and out of wind so it is ACCURATE.
    Then they apply wind chill, and radiant heat (no shade) in order to provide a temperature, and a "feels like" temperature.
  18. Well, direct sunlight is hotter than shade.

    But out at camden the car was reading 48 degrees... It certainly felt like it in the sun, but in the shade I'd guess it was around 45...