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Hottest girl on Torvil & Deans Dancing on Ice

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PJ2, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Lara Bingle

  2. Annalise Braakensiek

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  1. Quick poll for the guys,

    I was watching Bert's family feud tonight and last night, and I saw Lara Bingle for the first time; Damm :shock: :cool: .

    Anyway who do you guys think is the hottest girl on Torvil & Deans Dancing on Ice. I've just got two at this stage and will add more as they get listed.
  2. From google

    lara bingle:


    Annalise Braakensiek:
  3. Lara Bingle is the girl at the end of the Australian Tourism ads who says "Where the bloody hell are you?"

    And yes, she is DAMN hot.
  4. So your asking.... which one i would crawl over to get to the other.

    MMMMMMM that's a *cough* HARD one ,LMAO.

  5. Lara Bingle is not that hot...I mean she's hot but not for a model.

    Annalise is HOT!!!
  6. Lara is more of a hot girl you see out shopping or at a bar, who you would go and have a chat to :wink:
    I wouldn't be approaching Annalise

    She's what I call a 'cute' hot girlfriend type of girl :)
  7. :LOL: another show that reeks of gayness :LOL:
  8. I prefer the bulgarian girl that is partnering the male model. She's cute, funny, and extremely toned. She also seems more 'real' than the other two at least.
  9. unspeakable
  10. What is unspeakable?
  11. The show
    The hosts
    The so-called stars
    The network for putting it on
  12. Gee you suprised me with that answer Hornet.

    The show is about ,people learning to skate and dance on ice.

    No sex drugs and rockn roll .

    Your right get this crap of the TV.lol.