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HotelWhisky's CBR500R

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  1. HotelWhisky submitted a new Showcase Item:

    HotelWhisky's CBR500R

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  2. Very nice looking bike you have there..
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  3. I like your bike
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  4. Thanks guys I'm Very happy with it. Loving it so far.
  5. nice enjoy
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  6. beautiful machine. enjoy
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  7. Congrats HW, always a great feeling getting a new beastie. Looks cool, and you went ABS by the look of it? Wait a week or so and you'll be starting to look at mods too lol....exhaust, etc

    Enjoy your riding!
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  8. Stunning looking bike! Great choice HW, enjoy your new ride :)
  9. Yea I went for the ABS. I figured even if it prevents me from dropping/crashing once it will have been worth it.

    haha who said I had to wait a week for that to happen :p

    Ah I have been thinking about it, vaguely looking online, but I really need to let the bank balance recover a bit before I go looking for more to add to it.

    Thanks everyone!
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  10. Nice bike, I got a close look at one the other day on the group ride I organised.

    I have to say though I cringe when i see people leave their helmet precariously perched on the seat like that, I've seen so many riders almost about to cry when their shiny new EXPENSIVE Arai or shoei falls to the ground and gets scratched or the visor busts off.

    Put it on the ground or hang it by the chin bar off a foot peg, don't let me say I told you so ;)
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  11. Great photo of a good looking bike. Well done and enjoy the ride! =D
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