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Hot weather topic

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hornet, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. How do you err, umm, clean the nice soft lining of your new leather pants after a hot sweaty ride or two?

    The only other set of leathers I've owned were unlined, and I had Mrs Hornet make a liner suit for them, but with my new Scorpion pants you can't separate the lining from the leather....

  2. Dont know bout cleaning them, but I wear stretchy lycra/cotton bike shorts under mine to absorb most of the errr, ummm , sweat . Prevention better than cure? Easier to get them on and off too.
  3. I do that too, and you're right, that works, but your legs get sweaty too.......
  4. I thought all us Hornet guys rode naked...
  5. Loz, we've met, please take the topic seriously......:D
  6. I'm sure there's probably stores somewhere that sell crotchless leather pants :LOL:
  7. Steady on chaps, no need to be macho men... :p

  8. Somehow or other we always end up back with chaps, even when Skuffy ISN'T on!!!
  9. If the image of Paul in crotchless leather trousers was a taste, I would now be brushing, flossing and gargling listerine.
  10. LOL @ Loz :LOL:

  11. Crothless leathers would also make for a nasty surprise for any tailgating cagers :butt:
  12. lota ummmm,ing and errrrrr,ing going on here ......
  13. ummm, errrr, yes there is :LOL: