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Hot Weather Riding

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FITZIE, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Ok, now I know that most of you are now coming out of a cool winter and looking forward to those summer months to get out and do some serious riding, excellent :cool: .
    Now as I live in Darwin we are coming out of our dry season with its average temps around 27 - 30C, yep, great riding weather without a doubt but still quiet hot with ALGATT and soon to get hotter with the build up and summer months.
    One of the reasons I got a naked bike was to increase air flow but I'm Looking for some ideas on specific gear "to beat the heat" while riding and still be protected.

  2. Dri Riders Airmesh gear is great. I have a Drimesh Climate Control jacket, and when I take out the liners its basicly just a kevlar and cordura net jacket with some armor. Air flows thru beautifully. Add to that some A* SMX6 gloves, and heat ceases to be a problem.
    From what Ive seen, the Airmesh pants are pretty much the same thing.
  3. Hey there

    before we moved down to Melbourne last October, we were Darwin residents
    both Phil and I bought the dririder x rally jacket
    found that to be alright with the liners out
    but if I could go back again I would have got the dririder gear mentioned by Heffa

    one thing to be aware of is dont rely on NT motorcycles alone for your advice
    look around the web for online stores, etc
    and definately forums like this

    did you go through Metal training?
    you can always check out with them too what gear is best for the area as well, and they have no reason to tell you tales

    I miss Darwin everyday...

    but hey Melbourne is growing on me

  4. Thanks Tracey,

    I came up here from Canberra, brrrr, at christmas and I'm loving it. Having lived in Melbourne over a winter I can understand why you miss Darwin lol. Just think of the great riding to be had in Victoria over summer.
    Yep, I did the METAL course and they were great with good advice on a number of rider related issues especially gear and I purchased the Dri Rider Climate Control Jacket with my Bike which once you take out the liners is about as light and breezy as you can get and still have protection . The general response I get up here is that if I choose to wear ATGATT then I have to suck it up. I don't have a problem with that I just think that why suffer unneccessarily it just takes away from the enjoyment of the ride.
    Now I did a great package through NT Motorcycles, Bike, Helmet, Jacket etc.. So I feel "pretty amoured up" and safe when I'm on the road and at the moment the heat isn't to much of an issue, but that is going to change in the coming months, as you would remember lol. I have been thinking of a cool vest for the summer months to wear under the jacket as once activated is supose to keep you cool for a couple of hours, online they go for around $130. What do you think? Also how did you find riding over the wet? Any Tips

  5. for riding in the wet
    I would suggest for your first time for the afternoon rains, dont be too far from home
    remember the rains are tropical and a lot can bucket down in a short amount of time, I used to pull up in the car sometimes, so on a bike, you can imagine
    take it easy the first few times until you learn to adjust your riding for that type of rain.
    Also another thing to remember is that the roads dont get all greasy up there after rain as they do down here as the rains come more often and alot more of it.
    I personally LOVED riding in the rain up there, but only after I got used to it :shock:

    The mesh vest would defiantely be a great idea and the mess gloves work a treat too
    the most ventalated helmet you can find is good too
    I have been happy with the HJC

    did you have Twiggy & Liza??
    they rock!!

  6. hay Graham,

    whats ATGATT? i'm folloing your post as i'm finding briz-vagus to hot for me at the mo..
  7. ATGTT - All The Gear All The Time. Its the opposite of:
    SQUID - Stuidly Quick Underressed and Imminately Dead.

    Like you I'd never heard either before I joined Netrider.

  8. never?? but i thing i fir into the ATGTT catagery. dont like the idea of gravel being washed out with peroxide with a scrubbing brush. (my arnt was a narse in A&E and told me about the motorcycle patch ups. must have worked. never had road rash)
  9. The nice thing with textile jackets on REALLY hot days is to douse the jacket in water before you put it on. The effect lasts around 30 minutes in extreme conditions and longer in less severe conditions...
  10. i used to do that with my leathers but not adviserble on a $1500 2 pice race sute but when you're stuck in 47c days you have no choice.
  11. Thanks Paul,

    I'll give that a go, I had not thought about doing something as simple as that. Whats it called "over thinking the problem".

  12. I would suggest doing a Google search for cool vests a mate uses one under his racing suit reckons it works a treat.
  13. My "dririder" Rallycross jacket has a water bladder/hydration pack pocket in the rear up top, in the summer on really, really hot days, I freeze the bladder the night before, as it defrosts during the day it keeps me cool and I have access to a cool drink too. Makes traffic much easier to cope with in 35+ days.
    Another tip... try not to get a black jacket, the amount of heat my black jacket absorbs especially when sitting idle at lights is quite alot.
    If I had of known this, I would have opted for the blue version instead of the black one.
  14. I've got a dri rider Airmesh jacket, and love it :)

    With the liner in it's warm enough in Adelaide winters, but in summer it really shines. The airflow is brilliant.....makes riding in summer so much more comfortable ;)
  15. Would like a bright simple style with reflectives and made from 1600 denier ballistic nylon... unfortunately most only have 500 denier cordura or some such.
  16. I'm not too fussed. I never really ever have to stop in traffic riding in Canberra, and if I get too hot, I can just ride faster :grin: I'll be glad when it properly warms up, won't have to worry about throwing a jumper and neck warmer in the backpack on the way to work when I've got an early start or late(/early :evil:) finish.
  17. Hi Guys,
    It gets pretty hot here in BrisVegas as well sometimes and I found a 'Joe Rocket' mesh jacket in a throw out bin at my local bike shop for $60.00.
    It has dual layer armour for back, elbows and shoulders.
    The inner layer stays on the body and the outer layer moves in case of a 'gravity attack' so you stay protected.
    I was so impressed that I bought one for my son as well.
    It is a great piece of kit and comes with zips to attach a liner (not included) and to pants as well.
    It gets warm when you are stopped in traffic but you cool off almost instantly once you get moving (and it dries quickly, too!!).
    I woud have got the silver one if they had have had my size.
    I wear Draggin Jeans when I ride, however the kevlar makes them pretty hot unless you are moving.
    Ride safe ATGATT
  18. witch shop? i'll grab one. if there is any left.
  19. For samks

    I think they realised how popular they were because they put the price up soon after I bought mine.
    That was over 12 months ago.
    Try Noyes at Brendale.
    I got mine at Noyes at Ipswich.
    You are from my old stamping ground.
    Ride safe.
  20. Sweet answered all the Noob questions that i needed. Cause i don't think that
    motorcycle jacket manufactures put to much thought in Hot weather places. Seems to be a afterthought. Then again Darwin is like some sweaty little Ecuadorian village on some times of the year. Now just to find one in my size.

    FITZIE how is the Hyosung? Was thinking of getting that exact one as i got my Ls now.