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Hot weather riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by reggie, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. :evil:
    I had to put this in here as I am beside myself with anger.
    Here in south oz we have had some massive heat as has vic and I have on these days and any over 35 C, taken the car to work as it has AC and I can wear singlet and shorts without fear.
    This past month i have noticed so many people riding in 35+ temps with nothing more than helmet,singlet and shorts.
    The bikes are of all shapes and sizes as well and the age group was just as varied.
    My son had a nasty burn and was grafted as a result.The surgeon said the average adult has enough skin on thier back to graft just ONE leg!
    Take head to this as well as the fact that the bitumen you end up going down on is also about 80C!!!.Too bad if something is broken and you cant get up.
    No matter how long and how experienced you are at riding in the city,trust me it wont be your fault. It will be an accident you wont see coming.
    WEAR ALL THE GEAR or take the car please ride safely.
    Thanks I feel better now,Stay upright everyone

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  2. You ride your way, and I'll ride my way.
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  3. I'm from the 'Suit Up Regardless' school, so I often get to work smelling like a locker room. Something my colleagues absolutely love.

    If I see someone in shorts and tee shirt no matter, it's their life.

    But what really shits me is riders who let their pillions squid. When I take someone on my bike their life is my responsibility and I make sure they suit up.
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  4. I often wonder if there is anyone out there who have come off while squiding and required skin grafts, weeks in hospital etc. who still squid.

    I wear all the gear all the time.
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  5. I have to say I have often wondered this myself.........I suspect there would not be many.
  6. Reggie, I hear ya mate, loud n clear. I wear ATGATT. However, squids are the same as smokers - no point preaching to em. I have mates that squid it. We talk about ATGATT but it doesn't change their mindset (& that's definately ok with me - they're old enough to make their own decisions). If people wanna ride their bikes in their "Golds Gym" muscle singlet & Kappa trackky daks, then good luck to em.

    The last thing we want is for the govt to introduce legislation on what we should & shouldn't wear while riding.
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  7. :LOL: This guy cracked me up one day, i was talking to him about his new R6! and his helmet, i asked if he gears up he said 'ohh nahh...that gear is good tho it makes u look cool but nahh'
  8. Dont get worked up about what other people wear or ya gonna have a breakdown, you'll find here that people wear what they want and really its their choice.
  9. Nah.
    They just spend the rest of their lives telling everyone how dangerous mudda-boiks are.
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  10. I gear up all the time. No exposed flesh at all.

    1: Its smart
    2: My mother would hit me with the riding banstick if I tried to ride with just a T-shirt and shorts. :p

    But I don't really get bothered seing other riders not wear the gear. Its their choice.
  11. i used to wear ATGATT, these days i squid it on hot days. i can sense the disapproval through the tinted visors of other riders. i know i shouldn't but for some reason i still do... not sure why, as it's not that much more comfortable in shorts and tees. i think its just easier once u get off at your destination not having so much gear on :oops:
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  12. I wonder if people would change their mind if in the event you did have a stack, you got dumped at the back of the line in the hospital and everyone got to go ahead of you.

    I would want the same treatment for smokers btw.
  13. Lotsa years ago, before all the safety gear we take for granted today was readily available/affordable, I had the misfortune to get hit by a U-Turning car. I was doing about 60Km/hr. The front bumper broke my knee cap into three pieces - I ended up on crutches for quite some time and still get pain 20 years later. :cry: If I had had leathers with knee protection the end result would have been less severe for sure. I had a full face helmet on but managed to get facial cuts from a pair of sunnies I was wearing and sufferred concussion - couldn't remember my name when the cops arrived. All that at 60 clicks!!
    I suit up every time cos I have absolutely no massochistic traits left and because accidents don't announce their arrival - they can and do happen at any time.
    I don't disapprove of squids but I do think it's silly and tempting the fates.
    That said - it should be each to his own at the end of the day.

    Oh yes - the bike was a write-off and that was the worst bit of all :!:
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  14. i went for ar ride this arvo and got pasted by two other riders (on sportsbikes no less) for wearing a dainese 1 piece suit. :
    "why the f;'=-k do you wanna wear that for.? " "he obviosly thinks he,s really fast" :roll:
    first time i've been heckled for wearing gear. :evil:
    live and let live i spose
  15. I had an off late last year where I slid across the road at high speed. But because I was wearing proper gear my injuries wern't so bad (considering). If I didn't have my leather jacket and draggins on it would have been much worse. I simply can't understand why someone woulc choose to be slightly uncomfortable when what is at stake is the difference between walking away from a serious crash and spending months in the burns unit.
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  16. just nod and smile knowingly...smug in the knowledge that when they are sliding down the road in their corona singlet and shorts and when hospital getting skin grafts they will be wishing they had your suit on...

  17. Hot weather can be a biatch. I always wear a jacket, boots and gloves, regardless of the temperature. I also invested in a helmet with decent ventilation.
    I found that it is a must to have 2 jackets: leather for winter and a full mesh for summer riding.
  18. Hehehe - whole other debate Re: protective properties of mesh/textile vs leather, but I agree - I have a, IXON textile jacket that is much cooler than the leather when it's hot - allows air-cooling at speed. Doesn't help on the 40+ days when even the wind is hot, but generally more comfortable than sweaty leather.

    Have yet to crash test the textile, but have been down wearing the leather jacket and Draggin's - I know they don't have any impact protection but did fine looking after me, I lost no skin whatsoever. Would never risk it now - full coverage regardless of temperature or distance. I'd never forgive myself (let alone what the missus would think) if I grated myself when good gear would have saved me.

    No brainer for me... but then some people just don't seem to have brains. Bottom line - Darwin was onto something - bikes just accelerate the process.
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  19. i wear nothing less then full leather suit, leather boots, leather gloves. try that during summer and walking around a shopping centre people would look at you all weird. I've been sliding down the road once before but i was wearing my leather suit and that saved me a leg i picked up the bike and with a broken front brake lever i rode off again well off the the wreakers anyways to pick up spare parts
  20. mate i know exactly what you mean! im a tradey, so on hot days im in my trade shorts and what not, legs get all dirty from the oil and grease soo i dont bother with pants, though i do wear my leather jacket every time im on the bike, even through the 40+ heat. its only the pants i skip out on.

    i know i get looked down on when on the road, but i honestly believe in MY LIFE MY DECISION, i FULLY gear up every other time i ride, just not to and from work. if its cold then im in full navy blue hard yakka Gen Y pants.