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Hot Weather Riding Gear

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Nine Volt Heart, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. In Brisvegas earlier this year, having come up from Hobart on my Speedmaster, I wore a lightweight, fully-armoured jacket & Draggin' jeans, Rossi boots & good gloves for the 4 months I was there. Yes, mostly, especially when it was really hot with high humidity, it was very bloody uncomfortable. And yet.... I've gottaa say...... the number of riders in brissie who scoot around in shorts, singlets, no gloves, and even thongs!! is amazing.
    Either these guys think that they'll be fine, coming off in traffic, or they believe that gravel rash is just a minor annoyance. Having experienced the joys of gravel/road base/being scrubbed out of my wounds after a spill, I just can't imagine les than being covered completely, and sensibly. I know it's each to their own, but still. On a visual note, seeing a guy in a singlet, stubbies, and thongs on a Harley NightRod is just wrong!!!!

  2. Squidding

    Seeing as I've just returned to netrider, can someone fill me in on the origins of the term Squidding? I can imagine, but.... what's the drum?

    Hey Carol, sorry if I've opened an old can of worms here. I'll shutup now & go lay out my leathers for a ride tomorrow.

  3. Hey Anthony!!

    I'm only a new Netrider, but I find that every week a new 'Wear the Gear/Don't Wear the Gear' thread starts, and everyone has the same opinion everytime, and surely there are more interesting things to discuss?

    History of SQUID from wikipedia
    Stupidly Quick, Underdressed, Ignorant and Dangerous", or
    "Stupidly Quick, Underdressed and Imminently Dead"

    A squid is an irresponsible motorcyclist. The term is derogatory and common among motorcyclists in North America.It is generally associated with a new or reckless motorcyclist seen riding erratically and/or beyond his or her capabilities, often without appropriate riding gear.

    Often young, squids are identified by their reckless abandon (speeding, wheelies, stoppies etc.) and by their inappropriate attire (shorts, backwards ball caps, flip flops, wifebeater T-shirt, etc). Such a rider eschews all or most of the protective gear worn by many riders (helmet, gloves, leather jacket, riding pants, and boots) and the social and legal norms of riding behaviour, and as such is looked upon with derision by experienced motorcyclists, who also refer to them as "organ donors", "Zip-Splats", "a Stillie", "Skin Crayons", "Sausage Creatures" and "soon-to-be-ex-motorcyclists".
  4. Squidding


    thanks for your detailed and informing words on the asphalt cephalapod. "Organ donor" and some of the other terms had me in stitches and falling off my chair, in a black moment.
  5. SQUID comes from the riding style....
    1. accelerate quickly in a straight line
    2. go around a corner very slowly
    3. repeat.
  6. i am a rider of reasonable vintage and have been riding more than half my time.
    i will ride with all PPE on 'a ride'. but i will also jump on to go to the shop with my chinese safety boots, t-shirt and boardies at times too.
  7. I'm loving driving the husband to work (looked like rain, Black Betty doesn't like it!) and seeing all the Skin Crayons!! He had tears streaming down his face yesterday!!!
  8. Is there a question in there somewhere or are you just looking to start up ANOTHER Squid thread.

    There is plenty of mesh gear now on the market, so reallly no excuse to not gear up IMHO>

    I just bought a Dri rider Climate control mesh jacket and have only had the chance to wear it a couple of times . On one occasion it was 30 degrees and I was cool as a cucumber! Bring on summer I say! :grin:
  9. This so old a thread but just want to say thanks...I got the dry rider jacket and I live in the very north and while I'm going long distance it's great Stopped is a nightmare but then so is anything ...yes even the singlet and shorts! I do have a problem with the length of the sleeves though and would love my arms to grow! There isn't any room to take them up ...well I can't imagine how. If any one else out there has an 'imagination' I would hear you out on how to alter it Ta :idea:
  10. There is a 3rd version of where the term squid came from (other than the 2 already posted).

    A squid is an object with a hard shell (helmet) and soft dangly bits (arms and legs).
  13. R Jays have a new all - season jacket that comes in 'tiny' to 'real life man' sizes!!

    http://www.rjays.com.au/home/products/textile-all seaons jacket.html

    If you have a dealer who has RJays in stock, ask them to order in the larger sizes for you to try on.

    I got my jacket delivered to the shop in less than a week!!! In size M - for MILF - or so my husband says!!
  14. So mesh jackets available in Fat Bastard size then. Sweet! Thanks for the links - will investigate with great interest.