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Hot weather "mesh" pants - any such thing?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mjt57, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. On the weekend I did about 1,300 km wearing a fuggin' 'ot textile jacket and Draggin' Jeans. I was thinking - I wish that I wore my Spidi Dri-mesh jacket instead. But I didn't. However, I started wondering if there's anything equivalent for pants - summer mesh pants?

    I've done a search but came up zip. So, any of you seen anything like this? I wonder what those Aldi pants are like with the liner removed. Not that I can buy them.

  2. Joe Rocket Phoenix 2.0
    Mesh Pants
  3. mjt57. The answer is yes, there is such a thing. Those crazy fun loving Germans at BMW have mesh pants and jackets too. I bought the jacket first, then husband got bolshy and insisted I had to have trousers that zipped on to it. Apparently he can ride with non-zip together clothing but I can't. His reasoning is gravel rash isn't attractive on girls. Can't think it would be attractive on anyone really.

    When I bought it, it was known as the Airflow jacket and pants, can be bought separately. Now it is known as the Venting Machine suit :LOL: can't know what to make of that. Verdict. Absolutely Brilliant in hot weather. BMW also make some summer pants which zip off at the knee to turn into shorts. A friend has these and says they are fantastic.

    If you visit http://www.motorcycles.bmw.com.au you can check them out.

  4. Dri-rider have Airmesh pants - Knee armour is a little light. $100 from memory - i intend to pick up a pair for the really hot city commutes from work.
  5. I like wearing thosee dirt bike mesh armour thingie. Prolly worthwhile to wear something underneath as well, like kevlar or something?
  6. There is but you can only wear then one saturday night a year in February, in Sydney.
  7. Of course! I'd forgotten about them. The answer was in my closet all the time...

    Seriously (Yes, I WAS joking, ibast), thanks for the posts. I'll check out the various products listed above.
  8. i've got joe rocket mesh pants, which are pretty solid feeling (better than the dri-rider mesh pants i tried). has textile panels in seat and knees, plus knee armour.

    to be honest though, i don't really find them any cooler than normal or draggin jeans. i'd guess they would give better protection due to the knee armour, but if temperature is your main concern, i'm not sure mesh pants will be much better than draggin's.

  9. Thanks for the note, Phil. Thing is, I've not seen such a product, let alone heard of anyone who wears them. You guys are the first. And I can only go by what you say.

    One of the problems that I have too is the way airflow is directed through the Blackbird's frame. A lot of it appears to hit my legs, particularly on the left side. That wasn't making things that comfortable, although it may help in cold weather if I have light clothing on (for winter riding, that is).
  10. Check out http://www.webbikeworld.com/ for reviews on riding pants. Those Rev'It ones look sweet, but I don't know of anyone who stocks them :( and mesh ones with armour seem cheaper than a pair ofHornees...