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Hot weather ATAGATT

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Grendel, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. Last summer in CBR wasn't so hot, so it wasn't an issue. but this summer looks to have the avg. temps around 30.

    normally, anytime the max temp is 28 or higher, I prefer to be in shorts, but since I bought a pari of kevlar jeans, I should really wear them when riding, so do people just wear their shorts under the jeans?

    do you just strip off your kevjeans at your destination?

    how's the look with leather jacket up top and board shorts from the waist down? not sure if I would be rocking that look.

    I don't have any lockable storage on my bike and I'd hate to fold/roll my jacket anyway. with 2 winters and a very mild summe, my legs are pasty white and need some colour. So what's the go? the best idea I can think of is to get some kind of tank bag that I can take with me - go to a discreet place and change clothes.

  2. oh%20no...%20not%20this%shit%20again.
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  3. get a tank/seat bag and with preferably build it cable lock through the webbing, or a removable one.

    Ventilated Jacket, and a small spray bottle with water in it. You can get ventilated pants as well. Don't wear a Back pack if you want the best cooling from the ventilated jacket.

    Pants under jeans and lock away jeans. Remember LEFT LEG FIRST.

    I've got a water absorbing, evaporative neck scarf and Vest for really hot days, But I have been known in the past to do over 600km in 40 degree heat. oh and a camelpak.
  4. Cheers. I was thinking more around town rather than on long distance rides. like meeting up with mates somewhere. I don't really want to lugging gear everywhere and the whole idea of motorcycle to me is to travel light.

    the tip about the back pack is good though, turning up with a sweat streak down the back of your t-shirt is instant social ostrication (is that a real word?).

    anyone got pictures of themselves wearing a pair of those cargo style pants that unzip at the thigh to turn into shorts?
  5. Get a tank bag. When I go the beach I wear my board shorts under my Draggins. I have, however, a boot in my little bike which can store my boots and gloves and have my bag containing beach items that can fit my draggins. The jacket and helmet I just carry along and stash them on the beach (getting sand out of your helmet is harder than it seems) on the beach towel or something.
  6. Probably your best option is to do what we Queenslanders encourage southern visitors, not used to our climate, to do.

    ATGATT should actually be ATRGATT, the "r" being "relevant". Obviously in a hot climate, certain types of clothing are more relevant than others.

    You mentioned boardies, but in fact DT's are much more suitable to the leather jacket combination. There are a number of pubs in inner Brisbane where you can even get free drinks in this way !

    Certainly people wear shorts under their jeans, and under those we wear our Reg Grundies. And over the jeans usually a set of waterproofs. This "layered" effect does wonders for reducing heat on a warm day. I mean, it's harder for the sun to seep through, yeah? You know it makes sense !

    As for your pasty legs well that can be easily fixed, one way or another. Some people choose to travel to a destination such as a beach (in CBR you might choose the shores of Pond Burley Griffin), remove their pants excepting for DTs or boardies, and lie on the beach for a while. The sunlight acts on melanin in the skin, darkening it. Eventually this causes skin cancers, which will need to be removed, leaving scarring which is generally darker than the surrounding skin.

    Alternatively, ignore the principles of ATRGATT and fall off the bike, The road rash will most definitely add a bit of colour to your otherwise bland legs.
  7. To solve the white legs problem: get a spray tan.
    The main idea behind kevlar jeans is to continue to wear them when off the bike. 30 deg should be ok with them on. If it gets much hotter than that you might be better off with vented pants while on the bike and change when you get off.
    Plenty of suggestion about ways to carry or store your gear when you are off the bike. None are really easy in hot weather - you either cart it around somehow in something or store it on the bike in something. Meet your mates somewhere air conditioned when it is really hot.
    Vented jackets are great but in really hot weather even they will be a major sweatache. I'd consider a mesh jacket if it gets too hot for you based on the premise that is provides some protection over a jacket you won't wear because it is too damn hot.
  8. ATGATT looks like this...................minus the gloves

    But you are excused if you look like this on a bike :p..............
  9. lockable topboxes are pricier than tankbags but handy for going places, just throw what you want in the back, lock it and forget it while you swim
  10. Vented mesh jacket here... Climate control 2 ( or something like that ) .... Great on the warmer days ... Draggins on the lower half ... Set .. Cool whilst moving but gets sticky in traffic...I've got full height TCX boots they seem good in any weather or maybe I just don't feel my feet as much as some ...
  11. Kevlar Mesh jacket and over pants......go from fully armored to shorts and back in again in a minute
  12. I just got an awesome dianese mesh jacket. It's my best friend in summer. I just wear my kevlars on the bottom.

    From my experience going to the beach on a bike doesn't really mix. It's still very appealing, don't get me wrong. If I lived a 10 min ride from the beach (I don't) I'd just completely squid it. For me it's 45-60 mins with some freeways etc, I've done it (squid ride to beach) but it's not the best idea, I always get burnt to crap.

    Last time I did it I bought a shitty chain+padlock and wired our helmets and bag to the bike. Its not gonna stop a determined crook but may stop a kid just grabbing your stuff as they walk by.
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  16. holy cow, those prices are ****ing insane Grendel :shock:
    (have'nt been in so much shock, since i watched Reesa tear an arm of a small child and eat it)

    mesh pants can be had cheap, but they are really not a good look.:? and if you need to get them taken up, no easy task.

    kevlar pants you should pick up around 100 bucks.
    cargos don't get too hot because loose fit allows air circulation.

    the reason you are getting hot out there is actually because your skin is exposed to the elements. + add travelling on a motorcycle to that, increase the effect 10 fold.
    short jaunt up the shops in singlet and shorts fair enough you"ll be fine. but try a half day ride at highway speeds like that when it's way hot. you won't be able to consume enough fluids to compensate. you"ll just ****ing drop dead.
    the only people that claim to do that on these forums are our resident non-riders.
    much better off covering up if it's really hot out there. you"ll feel better for it.
  17. I have a set of these - http://motoport.worldsecuresystems.com/_product_35442/Air_Mesh_Kevlar_Pant

    Not cheap, but very tough...If I come off on the street, then I'd far rather be wearing this stuff than a set of leathers...it provides full armour for upper and lower legs, knees, hips and tailbone whilst being breathable enough to wear over the top of normal jeans in mid summer....if you throw them over a t-shirt and shorts, then it's cooler than just wearing the t-shirt and shorts.

    It's not the most stylish stuff when you are off the bike, but as it takes two minutes to remove then you tend not to wear it whilst you are off the bike.

    The buckle isn't that big, but they have a big, soft cover that stops the buckle from scratching the tank that is huge.
  18. yeah, not only are the prices outrageous, they are butt**** ugly. agreeance on that anyway
  19. ATGATT is a roblem for mee as well. Geraldton today - 41 degrees. Flow thru ventilation is vital, and try not to get stuck in traffic. It is airflow that keeps youy cool, and shade. Cover your skin with stuff that allows the air through.