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Hot Water pipes hammering

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Faramir, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. What causes the hammering noise when you turn on the hot water pipe? Even when you turn it on slowly, it still hammers out a loud noise.

    It is happening at my Dad's house and I'm sick of him not trying to do anything about it. I know it's been a bit cold laterly. Come to think of it, I can't remember if the hammer noise occurs during summer.

    I'm afraid that I do not have enough money to fix this problem. No wonder my Dad is doing nothing.
  2. it is the water oscillating from on-off-on-off in a pulsing form as the pressure from the header attempts to flow at a constant rate through a small opening.
    you can get a water hammer arrester installed, inline with your plumbing to limit this. it is basically an air shock that absorbs the pulsing water, turning it to a steady stream.
  3. Thanks joel, you are brillant. This makes sense. It only happens in my dad's shower. Even since they installed that flexible shower hose with the water saver shower head.

    Time to price a water hammer arrester.
  4. This would do the trick :)
  5. We had a bathroom tap that would scare the living shit out of you when it happened. It sounded like someone was inside the walls with a machine gun.
    And yes, an arrester fixed that.

  6. Price one at Bunnings before bidding so that you know when it's no longer a bargain!
  7. yep hammer arrester will sort it out. while your at it go a new washer as it may be bouncing and if you can get to the pipes fix them to anything that will hold them solid.