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Hot, Sweaty, Uncomfortable...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Messy, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. ... and loving it!

    Im sure ill change my tune after a month of it, but so far im loving not being cold for once!

    Who else is a heat over cold person?
    So many say that they prefer being cold as they always get warm - not this black duck. Id sooner turn on a fan to get cool, rather then stupidly freeze in the cooler months.

  2. I'm with you, but I never complain about the heat though.
  3. I love a change. By the end of winter i cant wait for summer, but by the end of a stinking hot summer, i cat wait for winter XD

    I think the last couple of summers were a bit of a let down. A few hot days here and there, but nothing consistent. So by the end of summer, i wasnt looking forward to winter. Anyone else find the same, or is it just me?
  4. Am I the only one to have noticed that it has only been New South Welshmen to have answered???

    The Queenslander's are laughing at us for calling this stinking hot and the melbournian's have no idea what stinking hot is :LOL:

    (I crack me up sometimes :))
  5. Actually, in summer Melbourne has hotter days than Sydney.

    It is not summer yet and won't be until the solstice.

    And I guess I should note my preference is for cold over heat, which is why I will be moving to Tassie within the next few years.
  6. Don't mind riding in either weather but my preference is cold as when riding in cold you can always rug up to combat the elements nature throws at you but when riding in hot no matter what you wear or don't you will still be stinking hot and there is no way of cooling down.

    But if I'm not riding then definitely prefer being hot in summer as am a sucker for air conditioning and fans.
  7. I'm definately a better rider in hot weather than in cold. In winter I'm too cold to be relaxed, combined with being weighed down with multi layers of clothing, too restricted to move freely. I LOVE riding in summer and it shows in how I ride. Then again, I just love hot weather, always have.
  8. Since getting my nerve damage, I am a 100% cold hater. I used to not worry whatsever about weather, I could be in shorts or pants in ~10c weather, used to have a couple friends which complained about our house being too cold due to me not worrying about the cold so I never put the heater on until people asked (or Emma but she climatised to my lack of care for ambient temperature eventually heh)

    These days, I _love_ the warmer weather soooooo much compared to the cold, it's amazing how I feel the difference now that I have nerve damage. Talking to people who have had similar stuff, they have actually moved "north" to be in the warmer region, I easily could do this *if* all my inner family weren't living down here in Vic (Geelong mainly) so we're "stuck here" if we want to be near our respective families. Not a bad tradeoff, at least for summer LOL

    But for sure, warmer weather for me any day, rain at night, warm in day would suit me to a tee :p I still haven't seen to improved my dislike for cold even through I have appeared to healed up a bit, I guess about "50%" of the injury I have improved, even so good that I had a job interview for my first full time work since I got sacked for said injury in late 2006. A kick butt job, computer security and possibly work from home, ride/drive in to clients if we can't fix stuff remotely as needed. *fingers crossed* I get this job, I'm sooooo keen for it, big money and still get to see my 2 kids grow (well, the second is still baking in the oven LOL) would be AWESOME by me :D

    WARM WEATHER, bring it on, unlike today down here in Vic!
  9. I absolutely hate hot weather, I don't mind cold weather at all.

    My comfy temperature band is from 0C to about 25C, I'm ok down to about -5C and up to about 30C. I ride to work in winter (and it occasionally gets down to -4 or -5 during winter around here) and it doesn't bother me at all.

    If it's 30C then I'm in vented summer riding gear, if it's 35C then I'm sweating and drinking a bottle of water each hour and I hate being sweaty.

    Anything over 35C and I'm hiding inside with the air conditioning running unless I've absolutely got to be out doing something that can't be avoided.
  10. I hate being stuck in traffic during peak hour in hot weather.
  11. You know you have had a good hot ride when you take off your leathers and the wife tells you from across that room that she got hit by the smell of hot leather and ball sweat.
  12. Im pretty sure that while the average temperature is cooler here, we have still have our share of 40+ temperatures ;)

    btw, good luck with the outcome of your interview undii
  13. I had my first ride home this morning at 5am where i wasnt freezing from the early morning frost (since about april)... normally its fine leaving work - about 20, but by the time i get home through the different low lying areas its foggy and COLDDDDDDD. I arrived home and didnt need a hot shower to thaw out.
    Got out of bed at 12:00(pm) - its my one night off a week tonight - and was sweaty as... moaned and groaned about it... then realised that despite the discomfort, i was happier then being cold and needing 10 layers to hop on my bike.

    Tim, you sum it up beautifully though, after 3 months of sweat you want to be cold and vice versa.

    Ametha, im with you 100% i cant relax when im shivering my ass off at -15c (with wind chill), and cant move because of my michelin man suit.

    edit: Azncruiser - definitely. Stuck in traffic on a 40+ in the gear is murder. If the day is that hot, ill have my camelpak with me.
  14. I have always been a cold weather person, but then, I never lived near the beach.

    I think I'll love the warmer weather, but I'm not good with humidity, so fans will be on often (or A/C whatever), and just keep the fridge stocked with water, coke, juice, poppers and milk.

    Oh, and try to go to the beach 9 days out of 10. Which so far I have :D

    I do prefer the whole "rugging up" thing though. Sex isn't as nice in hot & sweaty weather. Plus, in the cold weather, I get to wear jeans and scarves and more doona and hot chocolate time.

    Ah... I dunno hey. I like both now, I guess? So long as beach is nearby?
  15. Oh hell yeah Hol. I moved from the mountains south of Adelaide to Newcastle.
    50+ celcius was quite normal where i lived, but it was dry. Stick your arm in the sun and you could watch it turn red, but it didnt feel hot as such - never much sweat.
    After moving here i went to 35 in summer, but upwards of 90% humidity. That was like nothing i ever felt, and literally damn near killed me.
  16. bloody humidity :'(
  17. That's right, the humidity stops all fun. I can deal with heat but as soon as it gets humid, it kills me.
  18. I grew up around the beaches and always loved my summers, but i am more a cold person, i can wear clothes to warm up, sleep in comfortably, and dont really feel it on the bike with the right gear, but Hot sticky weather is terrible , just sweating for no reason, and in the bike gear it's twice as bad
  19. The worst is when it is so humid you're still damp after drying yourself with a towel after a bath/shower.
  20. Man I'm the opposite, I love heat and I love humidity. Much prefer a tropical humid heat than a dry convection oven heat. After living here a few years I simply can't stomach anything under 15. I was always a cold hater, but its worse than ever now.

    But yeah, my idea of a perfect day is mid 30s, 90%+ humidity. Can't get enough. Strange since I grew up in Melbourne.