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Hot Rod Scooter

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by jd, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. One of the pics I took at Hanging Rock (see separate thread), showing what happens when a Hot Rod builder turns to scooters (it's "different" I'll give it that).
    Scooter pic

  2. I'm not so sure; apart from the customised seat, I think this might be an old '50s scooter in original configuration........
  3. That is a disgrace. He should stick to hot rods. Is that a front wheel from a pushy?
  4. I quite like it..
  5. Yeah I think the scooter itself is largely unmodified but the seat and paintwork/pinstriping are all courtesy of the owner.
  6. I'm scouring the murky bottom of internet scooterdom to try and identify this beastie.
  7. :LOL: The owner actually had a sign up saying what it was, but I didn't read it :facepalm: . Was more interested in the very nice 1950's Mercury and Caravan which went with the scooter.
  8. Ye gods, the things we do...

    I've just registered on a scooter forum and posted the pic there; I HATE not knowing stuff.....
  9. i saw a scooter with a sidecar mounted the other day. it was on the other side of the highway so didn't get a good look. but a scooter OUTFIT, that was wierd
  10. yeah that scooter was featured in an issue of Scooter magazine and i have it at home, will post when i get home after work.

    it could even be a ducati.....possibly.....i remember reading an article in scooter mag obout some ducati scooter that was a total disaster for them, again i will have to check when i get home.
  11. scooter forum hornet??? wat one?

    there was a harley sized scooter doen up similer aswell.. pics posted a while back
  12. pls send the link of the other sccoter forum!

    i dont mind the scooter in question ;)