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Hot or what?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RacingTurtles, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    On the left, the standard Triumph Thruxton. On the right, one modified by French company Mecatwin. My French is not the greatest, but apparently their bike is 15 kg lighter and has somewhat more power as well. But mostly, I just love the way it looks ... not that we could get one in Australia or anything... More pictures and other models they do: here

  2. Thanks for the link - the cafe racer look is just so timeless

    I'd probably still go for the Thuruxton though
  3. Amen to that - either one would be more than welcome in my shed for regular use =P~ =P~ =P~
  4. Deus

    You could also check out deus (australia). They do similar things with the triumphs but locally. Put their name in a search engine. Cant find the address.
  5. Some things never change, though; note the 'blued' exhaust headers on the Thruxton :LOL:.
  6. I love these bikes, this is how I imagine all bikes looked like when my pa rode.
  7. Very nice, always thought the Thruxton had a little too much chrome. Actually don't mind the the look of their HD XLCRs as well.
  8. HOT!

    I would gladly ride either one of them..never been a big fan of the Thruxton but in black it looks friggin cool. :cool:

    The modified Thruxton is hotter though. I like. Lots. =P~ What's the arse end bit called? :oops: You know the part above the rear wheel? :grin:

    I like this ones arse end.

    Ooh damn. Too many beautiful bikes to drool over. I can kind of wait till upgrade time...the decision is going to be berloody difficult.
  9. That modified bike is gorgeous! :grin:
  10. What about a Harley Nightster - http://news.motorcycle.com/article.motml?sid=4593

    Rubber-mounted 1200cc XL Evolution engine
    Medium Gray powder-coated engine with polished and black treatments
    Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
    High-compression, high-flow cylinder heads
    High-performance cams
    Light clutch lever effort
    25.3-inch solo seat height
    Low front and rear suspension
    Black front forks with gaiters
    Bullet hole rear belt guard and front fender clamps
    Black, low rise handlebar with brake and clutch levers, turn signals and air cleaner insert
    Side-mounted license plate holder (dealer-installed rear mount option)
    Brake and tail lights integrated with rear turn signals
    Black mid-mount foot controls
    Black-rimmed, Laced Steel wheels
    Chrome staggered shorty slash cut dual exhaust
    Silver Satin finish fuel cap, headlamp trim ring and oil dipstick cover


  11. I still like the XLCR better - it's the Harley that Harley lovers hate :).
  12. Not bad...can see it's appeal..but it just doesn't do it for me Toecutter...not like the bike in the OP anyway.

    Give me a Triumph anytime. Full of class and character and Goddamn sexy to boot. :cool:
  13. Hi jd - so you a lover or a hater :p

    Anyway, I think the Nightster would be much more rideable that a XLCR, sort of nearing Scrambler status. Also this is no standard engine, with some decent mods :cool:
  14. That is pure p0rn. I must have one!
  15. Not for me sorry... :(

    My brother would though seeing he likes stuff like the Royal Enfield
  16. How so? The XLCR on that Mecatwin site is made from all new components (including a few carbon fibre/kevlar parts) and with far better brakes/suspension/etc. than the original. Plus it's using the same engine as the current 1200 Sportster. May not have the power of the Nightster but it's considerably lighter and would have much better handling.