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Hot grips for VS125

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by MangaGal, May 18, 2009.

  1. Hi guys
    I have a VS125. In winter (in Canberra), my hands freeze on the handle bars even if I wear thermal gloves on the inside of the winter padded gloves (I have very skinny hands :oops: ). So I'm thinking of installing hot grips for my VS as I heard they do work.

    I'm wondering if anyone has installed these grips on their VS125? Do they make the grips for VS125?


  2. Try googling oxford grips.
    You may have more luck and if I recall they are fairly universal.
  3. thanks. will do.
    i've googled Hot grips too.
  4. these scooters are too small (batteries) to support a set of heated grips. Your best bet is using a pair of latex gloves under your thermal ones or get a set of cover guards for your grips.
  5. i was thinking about the same thing - the battery issue.
    hmmm... i'll try latex gloves first and if that doesn't work, i'll think about the cover guards. thanks.
  6. I have heated grips both on my motorbike and my scooter and the scooter electrics can handle the extra demand for energy no worries.

    The same grips suitable for motorbikes will suit a scooter, the only difference is that fitting them to a scooter usually requires a bit more effort, as you have to remove plastic panels and even drill holes through some of them to install the wires properly. My scooter has a 12v power outlet in the glovebox, which made the installation much easier.
  7. Oooh, sounds so complicated. :?
  8. Which scooter. I am yet to see a 125cc bike with a decent battery to draw on for such a purpose.

    Please tell, also how many amps?
  9. 125 scooteres will normally handle the load put on the battery.
    The bigger issue is with the type of grips
    I do really like the oxford grips but try to find the older style with the dail control (potentiometer) the new electronic units have a volt sensor in them and turn off when the power drops.
    This happens at lights while idleing and you then need to turn the units back on.
    Not a big issue but can be a pain in the ass.
    try not to short cut the instalation as leaving it on accidentaly will flatten the battery very quickly
  10. thanks for all of your advice. i think i'll ask my local dealer if he knows the grips will be suitable on a vs125.
  11. Installing additional electrical appliances is a pain and running them can drain your battery (maybe not, but who knows for sure? Do you know how much current does your alternator put out and how much do the grips require? Better find out!)
    But there is a light on the horizon - in form of battery powered clothing. I mean, from their own little battery, not ones wired into your bike! I have a jacket I absolutely adore that uses this trick, and now battery powered gloves that actually work are starting to appear on the market.
    For example: http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycle-gloves/warmthru-battery-heated-gloves/
    You'd have to order from overseas though, I doubt they are stocked at your neighbourhood bike accessories store.
  12. oh, interesting...

    i've bought a windproof bike gloves to go inside a winter glove. hopefully this will do the trick. if it does, it only costs me $27.95. :p

    by the way, the thermal gloves i bought from motorcycle shop are useless. they don't keep warm at all. :(
  13. I know this thead is getting a bit older now, but for anyone in the same position next winter with a scooter:
    - Oxford Hot Grips draw <2A on each grip
    - They have power settings of 30%, 40%, 75% and 100%
    - They have a low current cut-off, meaning if you leave them on after turning off the bike/scooter (if you installed directly wired to the battery and didn't install with a relay), they'll turn themselves off while leaving enough juice in the battery to crank the bike.
    - They're a cinch to set up - +/- to the battery, wires go to the control unit, then L/R wires to each grip. Too easy!
    - Even the small 7.2Amp hour batteries on a scooter *should* be enough to run Hot Grips (assuming scooters use a 12V 7.2Ah battery - I'm only guessing here, never having touched a scooter in my life).

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but a 4Amp draw on an 8Amp Hour battery means 2 hours of running time, yes? If I'm right (I think I am?), the running scooter's alternator will be topping up the battery continuously, so Hot Grips on 40% power (for example) should run indefinitely, quite happily!

    For the record, on a 4 deg C day the 40% setting is absolutely ample around town - you just want the 75% or 100% for >100km/h travel when wind chill really starts to bite. A 125cc scooter rider therefore probably would rarely use this, yes?

    Anyway, just thought I'd add something to consider for anyone else in the same position as the OP in future...