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Hot GP riders... for the girls!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Black Magic, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Hey girls.
    I just had to share these pics with you of my favourite rider Randy DuPuniet.
    Hot, french and rides a Kawasaki!
    There are some times when wearing a helmet should be a crime!
    Has anyone else got pics of a favourite GP rider that they would like to share?




    MOD- 3 images per post

  2. Lots of looking going on in this thread but no posting :roll:
    I guess Randy is a hard act to follow :cool: :shock:
  3. Hey BM
    Found your thread. Where are all the girls! My god don't they know a hottie if they see one. Since i am now seperated...............he is hot! Pity he is french though! French are arrogant! But still he is hot. I will find one to better this one now. :p

    So if no one else is gonna post, I guess this will be our little thread. He he. :grin:

    Trouble trouble trouble!
  4. He's clearly gay.
  5. Way too hot to be straight?
    Oh don't dash my fantasies like that! :cry:
    Actually you may be right, he is single- there MUST be something wrong!
  6. Ooh la la :grin:

    Don't listen to Ktulu :p Randy, the hot little french fry, is obviously concentrating on acquiring his fortune prior to meeting and marrying the girl of his dreams.

    He does appear to have trouble supporting his own microphone, though. Could be a concern :? :wink:
  7. Maybe the guy on the right is gay and wanted to supportive Randy's microphone for him? :p

    I guess there is no competition for Randy- 'Hot Rider' winner- hands down!
  8. you can't help yourself, can you Wendy :LOL: :LOL:

    :idea: why not start a guys (not gays!) on bikes thread again and see how far it gets!

    You're on a winner again :rofl:

    :idea: should I start a girls on bike thread and really get it going???????? :rofl:

    C'mon now......................behave or you know the wowser minority will come out again and you know you can't upset certain factions here :LOL:
  9. Ok Jeff- you are right again! :LOL:
    Bad little BM!!! :p
    Wouldn't want to be upsetting people now would I? :roll:
    Maybe I will just keep him all to myself! Even better. :LOL:
  10. BM - you've limited it to GP riders. :? :wink: DePuniet's hot yep...but too aftershave advertisement for me. I prefer Pedrosa just for his cute smile.
  11. If I keep it to GP riders I am breaking the rules a little less! :LOL:
    Post up a pic of Pedrosa for comparison please??? :wink:
  12. You've seen Dani smile? :shock: :shock:

    When? :p

    And rides a Kawasaki, no wonder he's single! :rofl:

    Seriously, I like Kawasaki.
  13. Not even close......
  14. Yeah, he's gorgeous...

  15. i think this dood is orright ;)
  16. Surely all the hot guys are in Aust Superbikes :wink:
  17. Yeah.......


    Sorry Crusty! :cool:
  18. No, not that red head!!!! :wink:
  19. :rofl: @ the lot of ya...but especially that last one Triway.

    Johnny O said:

    Yeah, there's this one guy.... ;) :cool: :LOL:


    Screw your rules BM ;) ......Two words - BEN BOSTROM. :cool:

  20. Testy

    Wow, the guys get testy don't they when there's a little male pervin going on. I'm guessing they're intimated?
    Now, yes he's cute, but I really can't comment until I've seen more - where's the one with his shirt off? He needs to get those pecs out and sweat a little, then we'll really be able to judge.