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Hot Gixxxer Girl

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Buck, May 8, 2010.

  1. Unfortunately today, I had to work. Fortunately, on my ride back home as I got to the traffic lights, I saw a very nice gixxxer from the opposite direction turning right off the Nepean into Bungower Road at Mornington and riding it was the hottest chick I have seen, very nice looking in those leathers(y). I for one believe there should be more of this and if that person should happen to be reading this, drop me a line and maybe we can go for a ride sometime=D>!!!

  2. Saw a hot girl on a gsxr600 in Sydney too. Shame about the chicken strips... but hey, I'd be happy to coach her :D
  3. Random!

    Where's Brown Man?
  4. Sorry geeth, no pics, and until technology can pull pictures out of my mind, that's where they'll forever remain - but they where excellent curves!
  5. I think I know the girl... I'll ask her and get back to you!
  6. never mind, she has a boyfriend :)
  7. boyfriend's come and go lc
  8. NOOOO

    I saw her first!

    back off!

    (sometimes she wears hipster jeans with g-string clearly visible btw)
  9. I wasn't looking that hard at the Gixxer mate!
  10. Just asked her - not her. She's ride of the gixxer but onto an R1.
  11. Pfft minute details... Is she hot?
  12. surprised no one has asked yet, how do u know shes hot with her helmet on, thats like saying, that chick in the burqa is hot

    like this bird, shes hot????????

  13. I call it the kindersurprise syndrome. You don't know what your gonna get once you've unwrapped it but you know your going to get something. :LOL:
  14. hmm, chaste forbidden fruit, works for me, hot!
  15. I know a couple of hot gals on gixxers... one is an ex... we should talk if it's her... LOL
  16. free to good home are ya Rob ;) lol
  17. She wasn't wearing a farken burqa - leathers that showed the curves real well (how else can I tell she was female?!)!!!!