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Hot Girl on back

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wang chung, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. so... you don't like the girl??
  2. Don't know what she looks like under the helmet?
  3. shes cute ;)
  4. You bugger!! I tried to delete my "double post" but you replied before I could!

    Could you fix it up mr fixed?

    Eswen.. she wont be cute if she falls off

  5. finally did what??? has the netrider forum now become the cyber equivalent of going down the pub to tell your mates?? :grin:
  6. her jacket was sitting on the seat silly ;)
  7. Ok so what did Matt and Eswen do?


  8. Love the pink belt and boots, eswen, tres chic :LOL:
  9. he took a pillion :)
    hes done it before, but that pillion wasnt as cute.
  10. OI thats not me under my helmet! its mats LO-Ver

    mat and lover sitting in a tree
    k i s s i n g...
  11. sorry, it looked a bit like you, but then that girl doesn't have a camera dangling from her wrist :p
  12. WTF? where did my post go??? :soapbox:

    a take it a mod. deleted it for some strange reason? :-k
  13. Same here! :tantrum:

    Same question. What's the helmet for? You can't see her pretty face. :wink:
  14. hot chick?? :LOL:
    cant even see her and her body aint a 10.
    the title should be average biker girl. :LOL:
  15. the entire thread was deleted before :)
  16. shhh rootmasta,
    Yes, she isn't a 10 out of 10.
    or you mean a size 10?
    She's better than average thou :cool:

    heres a face pic for you whingers

    Carri, i just like to share with you guys because i like you all so much
  17. lol nice hairy foot you got there matty :LOL:

    and dude... just cos shes not as slim as some of us doesnt mean she isnt cute
  18. Dude, your Toey'er than a roman sandle there ;) :LOL: :LOL:

    Oh yeah, grats on the Pillioning, and the chick :p