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Hot Feet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by klink1313, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. I suffer from hot feet in summer riding. I was looking at getting some SIDI VERTIGO AIR boots but then wondered if the SIDI VERTIGO boots would be ok given that these also come with airvents that can be opened and closed (plus i would only need one pair of boots)

    Has any one had any experience on this? Thanks in advance

  2. I was actually just looking at these boots the other day. I found them very comfortable as they provided a high level of protection but still are quite flexible.

    I tried on the Vertigos. That tiny little air vent probly won't help too much IMO. I only saw a pic of the Vertigo Airs but I should think they would be much better. And paying that much money, an extra coupla bucks on the rrp would probly be worth it!

    (I think I'm gunna go the w/proof version of the Vertigos)
  3. That was a quick reply and a coincident that you have been looking too. thanks for the feedback. Will be interested to hear other peoples experiences as well
  4. Yep ... was posted here b4, still cant believe it :shock:

  5. I think i'll pass on that one.....though the toe bumper does seem to provide the protection that I am looking for.....not :LOL:
  6. I have the Vertigo Corsa's and I think the vent is a bit of a wank, haven't had them through a summer yet but I did experiment throughout winter and didn't notice any difference. Maybe i'll try wearing no socks.......
  7. Thanks for that first hand feedback. I think you have answered my question, the airflow version is what i should get for summer riding. I will revert to my old boots for winter or perhaps try thermal socks :grin:
  8. I have the vertigos, and I leave the vent open all the time, winter or summer, rain or shine. When I close the little vent in winter every once in a while, I don't really notice any difference, so as others have said it probably doesn't do much.

    Having said that, I wear them all summer and have never had a problem with my feet getting too hot. No worries at all, great boots, would definitely buy them again. Only thing is that they were absolute murder to break in :mad:
  9. ive been looking at the airs but dont think they make them big enough for me.


    *sad panda*
  10. Have the regular vertigos, and can't say I feel any difference with the vent open. With the warmer weather starting I can definately feel a difference with my boots on compared to my chucks, but it hasn't been uncomfortable. (Although it also hasn't been that hot yet!)
  11. :LOL: :LOL: @ Vinnie. I would have posted along those lines :)
  12. Thanks for the feedback.

    The thing i still have to wrap my head around is, do i spend a fair chunck of money for good quality boots i will probablly wear 4 months a year but enjoy my summer riding more and then wear my lesser quality boots for the remainder of the year or should i just bite the bullet and get good quality boots that i will wear year round but still have hot feet in summer.

    I know that i should buy the boots that i will wear more often, but if i am still going to have hot feet i probablly would keep my old boots...........i think i have just solved my dillema....
  13. Buy better socks!.
    Seriously - have a look at coolsox. May make all the difference!
  14. I started to search for these socks with the intention to wear them with the new boots. i might try the socks first as you suggest.
  15. I would also suggest you try better socks first.
    the aldi motorcycle socks were coolmax. don't know if there are any left.
  16. Go to an ANACONDA store - or any outdoor/hiking/adventuring store, and see what socks are on offer for hiking and Bicycle racing - huge range of different socks that would be cheaper and more effective than changing boots.
  17. Well coolmax socks didn't help. Went for a ride on Sunday was 32c and feet were still hot and feet damp at the end of the ride.......my search for boots continues
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    I've got the Sidi Vertigo Corsa's and the vent doesn't do a whole lot. That seems to be fixed on the new boots to replace the Vertigo Corsa's which is the Sidi Vortice. Here is a _djXq6Tpbfk[/media]]good video review on them where they have another vent, and the side vent is now moved to the end of the toe.
  19. Thanks for that link was waiting for a review of that boot.
  20. Does anyone have any experience with the Alpinestar SMX-4. How well does the venting system work?