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Hosting a Windows 7 launch party

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. #1 smee, Sep 25, 2009
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  2. party-pooper :LOL:

    yeah, I got my notification a couple of weeks ago, but I don't think I'll host a party.....
  3. That email thing has been the butt of so many office jokes recently. I honestly don't know how MS's PR/marketing team things this is helping them.

    Also, I love the over-compensatory effort that American companies make in their ads to look "multicultural" Its not at all a bad thing, and I'm not saying that the scenario will never happen... but it just looks so awkward what with the all white team of old lady, mother figure and geek, and then a token African American.
  4. Another opportunity for the elitist Mac brigade to laugh. Poor souls.
  5. Poor souls why? Macs are beaut.

    I can't help but think Micro$oft is taking the piss with this one, everyone knows W7 is an arseload better than Vista and they're hanging out to upgrade - all they have to do is get the date out there. So what if it makes them look like tools, this thing has been forwarded all over the net... Job done.

    If it's genuine and unironic, then holy shit.
  6. Viral marketing.
  7. Because they're selling you what is essentially UNIX with an unattractive grey GUI.

    Not that I'm trying to start that old argument up again... If it suits you're purposes, don't let me stop you... :p
  8. I don't know why people are still waiting for Windows 7.... the RC version is free and you get a year to use it.... just buy the upgrade in a years time it will be cheaper by then anyway
  9. You say that like it's a bad thing... I quite like the GUI I wish the Fedora box I use at work was as nice...
  10. I would happily go to one of those...
    I like free food and I have ear plugs, will happily stick to Debian.
  11. That's why its not very pretty. They have pretty shocking track record with nice interface design. Fortunately though, their most recent offering is very nice indeed.
  12. Haha token black guy. Gotta be a piss take.
  13. OMG. What an embarrassment.
  14. Geez, that just makes me want to format my hard drive and hide in a cupboard.
  15. I didn't think the release candidate was avail any more.
    Tried a while ago and found the DL no longer avail
  16. Also the RC will cease to work come next year and start a regular shutdown process before that time. It won't be possible to 'upgrade' the RC to a full version and all programs will need to be reinstalled and data recovered.
  17. Release Candidate is no longer available, on the 'Net, but you should still be able to pick it up on several cover discs of PC magazines. It expires in June 2010.

    NSW Department of Education and Training will be migrating to it in Semester 2 next year. Quite what they could not have already found out that needs still to be found out, I wouldn't know. I suspect the delay is more to do with playing ducks and drakes with Microsoft regarding licensing....
  18. i've seen p0rn movies better scripted than that piece of shit.
    windows and party should never be in the same sentence. i mean, even all the highschool nerds with their LAN parties used linux...
  19. TBH I actually couldn't watch this through. It was just sooo bad. I'm somewhat drunk now and still can't.