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NSW Hospital visit

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by messedale, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Had an off back on the 25th Oct, still no idea what happened as my memory of the event gone!

    Went out for a very short ride to celebrate end of week and fill up the bike ready for the weekend, went into a quiet commercial/business street on my way home for a little ride around but remember seeing there was still a few people/trucks/cars parked there and decided to leave it be and head towards home.

    Next thing bike was smashed up on the side of the road near an intersection I would have stopped at and I was laying on the side of the road in a tree or something, bike looks like a car or something hit the front wheel IMO, police think otherwise and will probably get a neggy to add to my list of disappointments. Does my head in as I can't imagine how I would come off a bike there at all - virtually no road rash on any of my gear either, it just doesn't make sense.

    Ended up in hospital for just over a week due to trauma to the head, memory was up the shit, but much better now (although I still feel a little like I'm hungover or something, just not 100%). A few bruises and still a bit sore and still but nothing broken.

    Now and bikeless (and licenseless due to medical suspension for the moment), I sure do miss having my bike out the back... also although everyone seems to want to say "you're lucky" to walk away from a bike accident, I tend to think I'm very UNLUCKY this would happen at all, let alone where it did.

    On the plus side, 1000cc might be calling my name in the future now (y) although track only riding is also tempting me
  2. Consider asking around at any nearby businesses and even putting an ad in the local paper asking for any witnesses. It's a long shot but you might get lucky and find someone who saw what happened.
  3. Cheers, I will do - haven't really felt up to it until now. Unfortunately it might be too late for cameras now, but I'll look/ask around anyway

    Story was some woman found me and called the ambulance/police, but I've heard differing stories of what she said to my family, and to what she told to the police at the accident...
  4. ......WOW....... that sucks so bad!

    I was only thinking the other day that I should get in touch with you for a ride. Do you know the intersection?
  5. I don't know anything of course, and could be completely off base on this, but the thought remains ...
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    Was actually just the second time I'd ridden since we went for a ride together, the previous time was pillioning my girlfriend... so at least it was only me for the worst time of all!

    http://goo.gl/maps/Lmvkp directly across from there, as in straight into the gutter, footpath and trees before the BCF carpark

    So weird because I'd knew the intersection was there and would have rolled slowly down the short street before stopping at it anyway before turning out (as long as I was conscious)!

    I'm thinking the same way myself, or someone she knew/family member of hers. Story I heard today was that she moved my bike away from me because it was leaking fuel!?? There is no way she would have been able to move a 200kg super sport easily, let alone smashed up like that.

    My family seem to think she's the hero for saving me however, and that I must have blacked out :unsure:
  7. That is a strange intersection for someone to "find" you, so I agree that it is suspicious. There are no residential properties there, and people visiting are pretty careful because it is a poorly laid out industrial park. My guess is that the woman, or someone she knows, was hooning/learning to drive/being a general cock.

    Alternatively, because I have seen it there before, diesel on the road.

    I am leaning towards someone freaking out and not taking responsibility because hitting diesel and the gutter wouldn't smash your bike up so bad, especially if you were going slow. At worst the bike would slide halfway across the road with little to no wheel damage at all.
  8. Might be worth investing in a Go-Pro or something similar to record your rides if you're going to be through that area often.
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    Apparently she was meeting near there giving her kids to her mother, or getting her kids back (not sure which way around) and so was parked nearby and in one story heard the accident, in one story she saw it all happen.

    Certainly doesn't add up to me either, and even though the police attended I was told they seemed rushed to finalise it and the paperwork nice and easy being a friday? Ah well, my memory is gone so my word isn't worth anything unfortunately

    Last thing I remember is turning around in the street near harvey norman deciding on heading back to the main road/belmont, my memory of the next 50m odd is gone!

    Yeah I have thought about this, if only I had one previously I'd have known! Never really get myself into trouble though so never worried about such thing before... not to worry for the moment anyway, will be cars only for a while at least! (and can avoid the area in question)
  10. It's generally a really safe area to ride, that's the thing. When I was on L's I spent hours there every week at all times of the day and night and it's where I'm taking my brother on Friday afternoon after he get's his bike L's.
    The roads, while not narrow, are not very wide, there are only a few places with a centre lane line and the roads are all poorly cambered sweeping corners leading to t intersections and cul-de-sacs. It's not a great place for a car to be hooning around.
  11. Well the neg driving ticket arrived today as I had been waiting for, $405 and 3 points. Not sure when it's actually due though, it didn't say on the TIN... and the date of incident is already past the 21 days like it says to pay it within.

    Unfortunately I guess paying it might be my best option here rather than trying to take it to court etc, don't know my chance of winning when I have no memory of the event! However on further revision I simply cannot believe or imagine myself doing what was described in the police report (I assume by a single witness)

    Bikes might have to go on the back burner for 16 months or so until I get some points back...

    I guess I should have posted this in politics, laws & insurance etc. Might need to be moved if a mod is nearby and agrees. My bad due to getting my brain back working properly ;)
  12. Mate that's not a good outcome, I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope whoever actually caused the off has a karma moment (n) It just sucks to know that there's people out there like that.
  13. Just installed CCTV cameras at home (long story) the DVR records 24/7 for 2 months and then records over itself .

    I would go for a walk around the 2 big business on that intersection and see if they have CCTV cameras ,Ask the question you have northing to lose .

    Sorry for you mate hope you get well soon .
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  14. Oh how rotten.

    I hope you are ok now.
    Have you had a look at the bike?
    Have the police had a look at the bike?
    I you think you might have been knocked off your bike and there is damage to suggest that possibility it might be worth pursuing.
  15. Have you considered that you might have diabetes or some condition, and you blacked out and lost control of the bike all by yourself? I was riding with a mate once, and he just went straight ahead and into a paddock: he wasn't hurt but he went to the doctor for a check-up and that's what they found had happened to him...
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  16. might be worth going to court. you at least then get to see the evidence against you.
  17. Problem is if they are nasty and hit him also for costs.
  18. Thanks everyone for the kind words, and advice!

    Anubis - I have photos of the bike only which were taken afterwards at a towing yard. Also have seen some photos of the pieces left behind at the scene. Police would have probably seen it at the scene only.

    It's a difficult one, I'm not sure how a bike should normally look after only the rider and a gutter was involved. Both front forks were snapped, not even sure what kind of forces are required for such a thing or if an impact with a gutter would do it.

    hornet - it was definitely considered, but I've had many, many tests done and checked out OK. GP, neuropsychologist, ECG, MRI, EEG, Holter Monitor, and in hospital blood test + more. I'm medically cleared to be on the roads again now which is great.

    Regarding court, I don't believe there is much evidence against me per se, but with my memory not existing of whatever occurred it's a tough one again. Stress is the one thing I was advised to try and avoid during recovery as well, a court case + expenses can't help that I'm sure!
  19. just a quick question:

    was/is there any foreign paint on the bike or your gear?

    bit of a long shot, but if there is, and it is vehicle paint, it suggests that someone was playing tag
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  20. Are the forks snapped or is the triple tree broken?

    That is quite an impact though for a single vehicle. What is the speed limit?