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Hospital backs motorcycling

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AlGroover, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Well, not quite but my employer (the hospital) under new health department parking policy will discontinue car parking for staff. Free undercover motorcycle parking will still be available and in fact was recently increased.

  2. So what the hell can the staff park their cars?
  3. At the public hospital I work at, car parking is ran by EzyPArk... who choose to charge bout $35 a fortnight. I preferred to catch the bus than drive round and round trying to find a park, til i got my bike. Even bike parking is $22 a fortnight... or on the main rd which has bike parking for free.
  4. In their garages? :p
  5. Easy

    My hospital has free parking but it is not secure parking. But one good thing for me is there is space around the Ambulance bay off to the side where a couple of staff park our bikes.
  6. The 85% of staff who drive cars to work will simply no longer be allowed to do so. They will have to take the bus, walk, cycle or motorcycle. It will be interesting to see as over 5000 work on this site.
  7. So what are they doing with the existing carpark site?
    Sounds like a crappy idea to me... what about parents who pick their kids up on the way home from work? Or women who live a fair distance away who dont feel safe walking alone at night? Or those that dont live near bus routes... you get my drift. Department of health plot eh, would love to hear their reasoning...
  8. Apparently there will be a small amount of parking for those in just such circumstances. Night shift workers, disabled workers, those with children under 12, doctors and heads of department. Application must be made by form and will be assessed. Sorry, didn't mean to get political but these are the facts. Last year they banned smoking on site, including outside. Next year the sale of unhealthy food will be prohibited. Confectionary will be limited to 500 kJ per portion = 1/3 Mars bar. This is not a joke. This is publicly stated policy. Some of it is pretty funny though.
  9. paying money to park AT work is just bullsh!t.alot of hospitals are like that unfortunately.
  10. Free parking is a fringe benefit, blame the tax office for employers either charging market rates for parking, outsourcing parking or removing it :(