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Hoses - what are these for ? (link fixed)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Street sweeping! :p

  2. jdm - not helping me here - [​IMG]
  3. Well OK....

    I know on the bigger ZX's they are air feeds into the airbox but don't know on the 250.....

  4. Doonks, I think there's either something wrong with the link, or there's a joke that I've missed somewhere.....
  5. What he said
  6. You need to copy/paste the url in a fresh broswer/tab or else you'll get the "no linking" picture
  7. if its those hoses that go from the screen down to the front of the fuel tank they are just there for show.

    the search function will show the thread where the question was asked a while ago
  8. Ram Air

    They pass right through the petrol tank and into the airbox. At high speeds they supposed to pressurise the airbox and force air into the engine under pressure - a little like a turbo or super charger, only to a lesser degree. A closer comparison would be to a cold-air intake on a car.

    I've heard that they have little effect below speeds of around 150km/h. So, unless you're prepared to travel at those speeds, the answer to your question is, bugger all except for show. And they do look kinda cool i reckon (although they do get in the way of seeing the controls on the handlebars (highbeams, indicators, horn etc) so it made it a little harder to learn their positions, but apart from that its all good.

    Hope this helps. (And i hope these are the hoses you're talking about, as your link to your piccy seems not to work, although i did kind of enjoy the pic it does link to. ;) )
  9. By the way, whats the little blue light or button next to the ignition?
  10. Axtually I reckon they look poxy...

  11. dunno
  12. Thats the ejection seat.

  13. i'm used to that !!!

  14. I want one!!

    Maybe its the rocket booster ignition switch. Or oil slick release button. Or smoke screen, or thumb tack release, or or...

    or maybe i've been watching too many Bond movies!
  15. I thought it was part of a kwakasaki PR campaign so that people could ask "what do those hoses do"?....

    :D :D :D
  16. That blue light - that's the autopilot - ever seen Flying High - ever seen a grown man naked?
  17. I thought the hoses were there to make it look like something off Dr Who.

    Exterminate exterminate exterminate
  18. why do I feel like a complete wally now ??? [​IMG]