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Horses riskier than motorcycles

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CamKawa, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. well dah, horse riding is one of the most dangerous sports in the country. but you are far more likely to end up in a wheel chair than dead. here's another stat for you, more poeple are taken to hospital for ping pong injuries than sporting shooting related injuries. yes its taken straight out of the SSAA properganda monthly.. :LOL:
  2. The most deadly sport in the world is fishing.

    Go figure.

  3. the sport with the highest mortality rate is Lawn bowls :)
  4. :rofl:

    Not surprising given the typical age group :LOL:
  5. lawn bowls! :LOL: rippa!

    so i guess the others are taken to the funeral home?

    if youre not trying to shoot a person in the open field, then they're a pretty small target. a person on the range would bring about immediant hault.


    its true horsriding is more dangerous.

    my grandmothers sister died that way age 21

    my mother saw a boy die at a show right before her eyes [got kicked in the bladder, which burst and poisoned him.......apparently]

    i did 12 years of horses and in that time i didnt break a bone

    i had 2 horses roll on me

    ive been kicked under the ribs and did a v high back flip

    as for the motorbike, nothing

    as for sharing the road with risk taking teenage boys

    -clinically dead 3 times and for as long as 3.5 minutes

    lost foot
    lost 10cm femur
    broken hip/pelivs
    lascerated liver/bowels
    collapsed lung filled with blood
    closed head injury
    9 days in coma

    u think the male p plate driver is worse than horseriding. look that up!
  6. So often horse riding is compared to motorbike riding. Stuffed if I know why, they are like chalk and cheese. The only thing they have in common is that you can ride them both. I have 2 horses as well as my bike, love riding both, for different reasons though. Just my 1c worth :grin:
  7. I couldn't care less until horse people start having a go at me for my dangerous sport. :roll:

    Bloody squid horse riders. Where's their gear? :LOL:
  8. I can't believe there are still people that don't wear a helmet when horse riding..... :mad:

    If I'm doing any jumping or something that I perceive as risky, I put on a back protector.

    Gotta have some fun or life just isn't worth living :grin: just need to risk manage.
  9. 20 times more likely to have a hospital admission for injury when riding a horse, compared to the same number of hours riding a motorbike.
  10. Yeah they smell, have a mind on its own, and hard to lean too !
  11. Ask Christopher Reeve Stump!

    Just remember, there's always someone worse off than you. :wink:
  12. no they pack up and go home. do you often shoot at people walking around a field? thats a bit odd :p

    i never wore a helmet when i was doing stock work on a horse, i did in an arena but. horse riding and motorcycling are similar, yet different. i love both of them, but since i can keep my bike in the city, and not have to pay someone a ridiculous price for adjistment, and i can ride my bike anytime, anywhere. motorcycling gets the vote from me
  13. ive done the horsey set [royal easter show]

    the gun club, and no there were no people on the range, we would not shoot if there was, but thats the only way it could happen [unless the NRMA turned up and said 'cummon jax, i dare you'.]

    and bikes.

    yip, bikes are cheaper.


    i dont know of any cheap places to keep the horse. towards the end i kept mine near jamberoo rec park. the people are nice and theres lots a running room and places to ride. also kelyville [horse holiday] property was heaps better.

    duffys forrest, terry hills during winter but not for less thant $60 per week.
  14. You should never get on the back of an animal with a brain
  15. That's why we're looking at 20 or so acres out of the city....so I can get back to my other soul healing riding...and to get into dirt bikes :wink:
  16. I just cant come at putting faith in a living, breathing 500 kg can of Pal with its own brain, no brakes or ignition switch and the only kill switch would need to have smith and wesson stamped on the side.
  17. mate controling a horse is all to do with you, not the horse. yeah sure sometimes they can be flighty, or get spooked, but most of the time you can keep control if you stay calm and in control. no different to trimming a line when you have gone in too hot, locking up the front etc etc.
    in terms of practical applications (ie stock work) a horse is ALWAYS much better than a bike. thats just my opinion of coarse, and the terrain of where i worked was often far too rough and steep for a traily to have a hope in hell.

    stumpy, ive had more than my fair share of range practises, both civil and military. we used to have to halt the practise if native wildlife went onto the range. oh there are some funny stories regarding that, but not to be discussed on a forum (where all the anti's will get there nickers in a knot :LOL: )

    only 60 bucks a week?? :shock: surely not including feed. one of my mates mums does it, charges 100bucks/horse/week. living in the city i wouldnt want a horse anyway, riding in a ring is about as interesting as watching paint dry, and dressage never interested me other than developing my control of the horse. nup, it has to be in the middle of nowhere with rolling hills like out of the man from snowy river (the movie not the bloody TV series!!) :rofl: :jerk: :LOL:

    bah i wish i could buy land up in armidale, but sydney is hard to leave cause of work and uni. :cry:
  18. QFT!!! horses scare the crap outta me. been around them, but im just plain scared... snowballs chance in hell of getting me on top of one. (as much for the horses back as for my fear)