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Horsepower and Torque Convertor

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Hey guys and gals,

    Just thought i'd share this website with you that i found when trying to convert some power figures accurately. It is dead simle to use and covers nearly all the units power and Torque are measured in.

    Here it is

  2. Jeez, Josh, I thought this was a post about a new Automatic Transmisison bike :LOL:

    Very useful, especially for us bench-racers.

    So where were you at 9:30 am for the ride up the Pass this morning???
  3. Ride up the pass?? did i miss something? Damn it, what a GLORIOUS day for it!! Unfortunately however had i KNOWN about it i still would not have been able to make it. I am currently and at work and my bike is off the road at the moment.


    P.S. DAMN what a day for a blat up the pass!!!
  4. It was fabulous.

    SO what's wrong with the steed?
  5. She got knocked over by a soccer mum in her 4WD while i had it parked. She managed to reverse into it and knock it over on the right hand side. LUCKILY and by complete miracle one could only think there was nothing but a 2mm scratch on the fairing, :eek: :eek: :eek: . Not even the gear lever or exhaust got scratched.

    All i need to put her back on the road is to go in and buy the brake lever.

    How she managed this i don't know by i am very grateful. Really the only damage is a broken front brake lever, scratch up right handle bar and a 50cent size paint chip up the mirror.

    I have quotes on all the parts broken or marked and am posting them too her tomorrow.

    Price list is as follow:

    Front Brake Lever: $24 (aftermarket)
    Right hand side Handle bar: $189 (OEM)
    Mirror painted and fixed: $90

    The thing that astounds me is the bike was parked on a down hill. So she reversed into it hard enough to push it up the hill and over from her stationary park infront of the bike. This was in a very street of Thirroul that people very frequently cross, primarily LOTS of little kids, i can't bare to imagine the damage done to them if she could hit my bike (~185kg WET) hard enough to push it up and hill and over. *shudder*

  6. Did you see it happen? What did the woman have to say for herself?

  7. let me guess... mmm..... maybe....

    "I didn't see it" :?

    4WD + suburbia + mums' (or dads') taxi duty = someones gunna get hurt.
    But ask them why they need the 4WD and they say "cos there safer" :shock:

    Two good things about the fuel prices,
    One.. More bikes on the road (therefore more voice for us politically)
    Two.. Less 4WD's 8) 8)

  8. To which the quick reply is "I know you didn't see it, it was an accident not a deliberate, but you should have seen it, it could have been a child." and then watch her squirm ;)

  9. I didn't see it happen. I came back to my bike to find the brake lever sitting on my seat and i thought "Now that's odd, WTF??? did it fall off and someone put it there for me?" While my mind was going WTF and lady came up to me and said "Hey mate a lady knocked your bike over, she reversed into it". I then realised the brake lever was snapped off not fallen and began inspecting my bike in great detail, luckily finding little damage.

    LUCKILY the lady had left her details for me (most likely because there would have been way to many people around to do the runner) However she had only left her Initial, surname and Phone number.

    After my blood stopped bioling and i calmed down i limped the bike home with no front brake (after 4 attempted starts to clear out the flooded carbs). I then rang the number she had left and the phone call went as such.

    Lady: "Hello"

    Me: "Hi, i'm the guy who's bike you knocked over in Thirroul today"

    Lady: "yep"

    Me: after a long pause thinking, ok.... "umm i've had a look at the bike and the damage is such and such and so i'll have to go into my bike shop and get a quote on the parts and get back to you.

    Lady: "ok then"

    Me: "Can i ask where you live?"

    Lady: "In Picton"

    Me: "Ok, well thank you for leaving your number for me and not doing a runner"

    Lady: "alright"

    Me: "ok, bye"

    OMG after i hung up the phone i could have ripped something apart. NO saying sorry, VERY RUDE and SHORT with me when responding, NO asking if i got the bike home alright, NOTHING. All i got was 1 one word, short, uninterested responses.

    I can tell you now she is gonna cop an ear full when she has paid for the damage if i don't get a "sorry", "thank you for being understand" or "I'm glad the bike is ok". I'll ask here how she hit it, i'll ask her how she would feel if it had of been a kid, how she didn't she it, what she owns a 4WD that looks like it's never seen even a dirtying piece of bitumen let alone dirt road.

    Man the nerve of some people!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
  10. Yeah... get stuck into her.

    She's probably pissed off at the "inconvenience" of it all. Probably doesn't give a rats about you or the bike.

    I'd like to be proved wrong, but I doubt it.

  11. Send her a letter of demand for the damages, with stipulation that she has 14 days to respond.