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horror story

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Blueyy, May 31, 2012.

  1. Well I had a massive off yesterday.. not quite sure how I walked away. I'm quite sure that I'm stupid though.

    I had just just turned of Alexander parade onto queens parade, was coming up to the second set of lights, braking quite hard, not an emergency stop though. My front wheel turned to the left for some reason and down I came, watching my bike slide along in front of me was a very surreal experience.
    The bike ended up bouncing off a trucks rear tire and coming to a stop 2 meters away. I was up as soon as I stopped, couldn't find any injuries however the bike was completely and utterly stuffed. A lot of people quickly came over and asked if I was ok, then helped me drag the bike off the road, A nice police officer came and took down the normal stuff then called a tow truck.
    The only thing I could find wrong with me when i got home was the graze on my knee.

    I'm getting the bike back tomorrow to see if I can salvage anything at all, and maybe keep the frame as a reminder.


    Edit: I have a set of spare parts for rebuilding the top end if anyone wants them now.

  2. Jeez, that bike is well stuffed. Glad you're ok
  3. Glad you bounced up OK. It is a bit of a bad stretch there, narrow and with a high traffic load of trucks that drop diesel and muck. The bike will have parts that you can salvage but the frame is obviously stuffed.

    So replacement bike time then. :)
  4. JEBUS! I think I see your problem there...
    Nice work walking away from that too.
  5. Surely you can uphold the netrider mantra and blame someone else for this?? Maybe a cage operator?
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  6. ahah, no I can and will take full responsibly for this, I wasn't riding to my abilities or the conditions, and I got very complacent on that stretch of road.
    I wish I had been wearing my camera so I knew what caused the wheel to turn(probably me ](*,))
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  7. Looks like you were very lucky mate....

    Glad you're okay (y)
  8. I humbly disagree with you there sbk_750, if anything in comparison to other forums I find Netrider denizens tend to stress personal responsibility, particularly the older riders.

    Immediately after an incident is not the time to consider it cooly, the blood is up and you are feeling sore in both body and heart. After a while discussion should come around to how could "you" have lessened the chance of this accident. The OP has basically said in response to you that he became complacent on this stretch of road. We all know how that can happen but it can be a killer.

    Personally I have no problems with the intended message of the TAC "Up to you to reduce the risks" I think most I and most riders have an issue with the condescending way it is rammed down our throat and the inference that it is ONLY up to the motorcyclist.

    Anyway this is not the thread for those kind of rants :) Again glad you are OK Blueyy, no offence Sbk I realise it was a throw away remark. ;)
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  9. Wowsers, that is one seriously-trashed bike.

    The front wheel tucking under under braking sounds like there may have been a mechanical failure BEFORE the crash, does anyone else think?
  10. Mate you were lucky, glad you're ok.

    It looks like the bike dispersed all the forward energy by shattering the frame.

    I can't work out what sort of bike that is?
  11. The thought crossed my mind too Hornet, but I couldn't think what. Caliper Jam, shock absorber collapse ???
  12. Sorry to read about the accident.

    I hope he was just being "nice," but just realise that the police are in the habit of charging riders who come off in single-vehicle motorcycle accidents. It sounds like he was preparing a case.

    Also, nice work on the bike! It looks like you've clamped the whole machine from either end, and then just twisted in opposite directions.
  13. It was a 2005 aprilia RS125. I didn't feel anything odd before the wheel turned.
    I will go back tomorrow and check it out... if only to measure the skid marks the bike made
  14. Thankfully this is Victoria not NSW....

    Bummer about the bike....1 less 2 stroke around :furious:
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    You may have the TAC in all their mighty glory but at least you don't get fined for totaling your bike.

    Glad your ok mate.

    How will this modify your future riding?

  16. Wow thats incredible, the poor bike is well and truly gone. Sounds like you were super lucky and really, in terms of injury, came out pretty amazing.

    Could you perhaps give a little more detail to the speed you were travelling at, and your guesstimate of what speed when you and the bike hit the ground?
    I had a little off only the other week, and same as you, only had a little graze on my knee. But the damage to your bike is incredible, was it hitting the back of the truck that really did it?

    Again, glad your ok and hope you heal up soon!


  17. Holy crap I can't even begin to imagine how I'd feel if I saw my bike that mangled.

    If I had to guess what you looked like after I saw a pic of your bike without knowing beforehand, I would've said in hospital with severe injuries :/ lucky lucky man indeed. Glad to hear you're OK.
  18. Blueyy, that's one heck of a mangling. Good to know you're personally unharmed. Was this the scene of the accident?

    sbk_750, what purpose does such a snide and callous comment serve? Surely you read the part where the OP took responsibility?:
  19. i vote try and salvage the engine,
    and place in a go-kart frame :p

    probably an old tracked rs125 out there cheap, now that the race series no-longe exist (to my knowledge) thats another fun option.... wont get you on the road, but will provide a smile
  20. May want to get the frame checked. Looks a little bent from here!

    Good to hear you are ok mate.