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Horror stories... Mechanics

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by lordtb, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. I have been reading this forum and thought it might be nice to start a topic on horror stories.... There seems to be some mentioned... I have had many things happen to me till I stopped going to mechanics and started doing every thing my self!! (i'll not mention any names)

    I'll start with my cars: I have had brake pads not installed when I went to get them replaced. After I complained they forgot to put brake fluid in. I had bolts on a slave clutch cylinder not tighten and it fell off 100m out of the garage. Spanners left under the hood (several times). Parts built for other makes jammed in and adapted with gaffer tape and I was charged for the extra labour. Spark plugs over tighten and thred striped. I was billed for rear brake pads only to have them wear out in 1000km (I think they forgot to install them) the same place did't tighten one of the spark plugs and it shot out!!

    As for bikes: tools left in the air box. Suzuki parts installed on a Honda (that caused a fire). Wheel nuts not tighten after a tyre change. Chains over tighten.

    All of these thing happen to me in a very short time in many various places around Melbourne and Brisbane. Since coming back to Melbourne I have spent many dolars and cents aquiring the know how (thanks Simon of Sunshine Motor Eng.) and tools in order to fix and service my own bikes and cars. But for now I'm interested in hearig of other peoples horror mechanics...
  3. Well I was not happy especialy when a perfect after market replacement was cheeper than their second hand suzuki bit... any way the place has shut down fiew years ago... dogy work???
  4. Floyd Parkes replaced my old cam chains with the old cam chains and wished to charge me $600 for the job.
    Brighton Kwaka trashed my fairing, lost 2 fairing parts, and thats the fairing that did'nt need to be touched :(