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Hornets vs. Street Triple vs z750 vs FZ1

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mr_roboto, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Hey there,

    How do these bikes stack up against eachother?

    I don't mind the street triple, but its butt ugly and the wait time (6 months) is just ridiculous. On paper it sounds good but. Are they any reliable? I've heard triumphs aren't as good as the jap bikes for reliability.

    On the other hand I don't mind the new 600 hornet, looks alright and specs are similar to the street triple. The thing is the current 600 has about as much power as the 900: both have about 100 hp. So whats the benefits of having the 900 then? Obviously it has more torque but still, is it that much a better bike? What do they go for in the used market? May consider buying one second hand. I must say, the 900 does look really good with a few street fighter mods... Wheras the 600 looks plasticy and kinda weird.

    I'm also considering the z750 or maybe an FZ1. I like the look of the kwaka and the FZ1S which seems pretty good too. And in the used market they seem to be good value at around 8-10k for a used one.

    So what do you guys reckon?
  2. Go for a test ride on each of them, After you will have either you will know, or you didn't actually do it. Unless you test ride a bike, you really can't tell how it will feel. Everyone is different, and everyone likes different things.
  3. 'Tis true; a bike you think is butt ugly in the metal or the pictures, might be the bee's knees when you ride it, and you won't mind the wait time. Remember, we are in autumn, heading to winter; now's a good time to be waiting for a new bike.

    But, really, buy the Hornet :LOL: :LOL:.
  4. The 600?

    Well yeah I want to see what other people think first anyway..

    Anyway people say the 900 is nice, but I want to know whats the point of it if it has about the same power as the 600..
  5. I rode the 900 Hornet before buying my FZ1 ('01 - so an older one).

    In the end, I PERSONALLY, felt that the riding position and overall experience were better on the Fazer.

    It is such a personal choice, so etelmo hit it on the head... go and harass some dealers and go "joy"... oops I mean "test" riding.
  6. Well I haven't heard anyone say anything bad about the 900 Hornet, and plenty of people on this forum either own one, or have owned one. It's a bigger, heavier bike, but then, if you're a bigger, heavier guy, that would be an advantage. Obviously it's a lot less 'frantic' than the 600 Hornet, and much more suited to trips and stuff than the 600 as well. Most guys go up (down??) one tooth on the countershaft to kick the cruising revs up a bit, and make it accellerate with even more vigour round town.

    But then, BIKE Magazine in the UK DID describe the 2007 600 Hornet as the perfect bike, and it's probably due in some small part to a lot of lobbying right here on Netrider that Honda has decided to re-introduce the 600 here.

    So if the bulk of your riding is going to be round town and short sprints on the weekend, the 600 would probably be the best bike for you. If you like to hit the road over a long weekend or a couple of days off and ride a 1,000 kms or so, then the 900 will have you arriving fresher and ready for more.

    Either way, get a small wind-breaker fairing for trips; you shoulders will love you for it, trust me....
  7. Im not a big guy - 170cm/70kg. And the main thing i would be using it for is commuting, travelling to mates/shops, and a bit of joy riding through the country on the weekends.
  8. Go the 600 :wink:.
  9. You have a 98 one? Got a pic?

    Im not really a fan of the new style. Prefer to older style look of the 900.

    Might consider a previous model 600.
  10. https://netrider.net.au/forums/garage.php?mode=view_own_vehicle&CID=39

    There she is. Bought her in March 2005 with 51,000 kms on her, now has 113,000 kms and hasn't even had the rocker cover lifted. I use it for all sorts of riding, from quick sprints up Macquarie Pass to the Pie Shop to one trip from Wollongong to Tamworth and back in a day, 1228 kms. Even if I can eventually afford to buy another bike, I'll probably keep her anyway :).
  11. Very nice. The headlight looks better than the new one in my opinion.

    Would like to make one into a nice street fighter.
  12. whats the economy like on these bikes anyway?

    i hear the FZ1 is pretty crap. 8L/100km.. which is as bad as a car.

    ive read the street triple gets about 300-350 on a tank which seems good.

    was also browsing a thread where some guy said he gets about 300-380 from his 900 hornet?

    whats the fz6, z750 and hornet 600 or 900 like on fuel from you guys experiences or what youve heard?
  13. Roboto - the Hornet 600 does NOT have 100 hp's.
    it's a little down on the 900.
    it still has more than enough ponies to get you in to trouble (trust me!)
    I have a heavily modified 1998 Hornet:

    it's my baby & I love it to pieces.

    I read an issue of BIKE magazine where they compared the Triple, Hornet 600, FZ6 and Z750.
    FZ6 came dead last, then the Z750. Hornet & triple were VERY VERY CLOSE, but the triple won out. The reviewers said though that it's only cause it had that slightly bigger engine & a little more grunt.
    But the fact is, with an aftermarket can & high flow air filter you can get another 4 ponies out of your Hornet.

    If my Hornet ever got written off, I'd only consider buying either another Hornet or the Triple. The reason I'd choose the Hornet is because of good ole Honda Reliability. They just don't break. Plus the new hornet has more ponies, fuel injection, and a few other cool features the old one doesn't.

    BY comparison, i;ve heard a few people in the UK claiming their triumph street triples are leaking oil. I might consider one in a few years once it has a chance to prove itself to be a reliable bike.

    My advice is: Take the Triple, Hornet 600 and Z750 ALL out for a test ride. That is the way to decide which one you get on & say "WOOHOO!!!!" while riding.

    the Hornet 900 is a great bike too, a bit less frantic & a little lazier with gear changing. just depends on what you want in a bike
  14. the old 600 hornet, like mine, has a 16 litre tank & its economy has got to be the worst in the universe.

    but then new one has a 19 litre tank, not sure what the economy is like though
  15. Wow! Thats a hell of a lota of km's for a 600 bike motor! Honda really does make great motors.

    I have a fetish for honda's, but I've been gradually swayed towards the street triple.
    Not from personal experince but from what i have read both are awesome machines form what i read, but the triple engine trumps the honda for usability for accessable low down torque, but the honda i hear has a more user friendly gear box.

    Personally i think the Street triple looks awesome especially with all the optional extra. To my mind it just looks special, i didn't like the dual headlights at first, but it really grows on you the more you look at it. The hornet however doesn't do it for me the instrument display looks awkward and out of place from varying angles and plasticy and tacky. (Although edgelett one word for your hornet "nice!")
    I have seen pictures of the new cb1000r coming out, it looks fantastic, to my mind the little difference make it better than the 600.

    Mr Roboto Here is a link for a video that compares from of the bikes you are considering. I found it helpful. However like all reviews it is there personal preference and not necessarily the best bike for you. So i'm not claiming it is the be all and end all, but thought it compared some bikes you are interested in (doesn't provide much detail though)
  16. you would go a 900 over a 600 cause its got TORQUE.
    there is also a ten year gap in the two engines. the 919 motor is understressed and would last forever if it was taken care of. i dont know much about the 07 600RR motor other than it is the lightest and smallest in its class, i see no reason why it wouldnt be as staunch and reliable as any honda 600 4 banga.

    i would replace the Z750 with the firestorm on that list, just take off the fairing, fit oggy knobs to protect the radiators and replace the headlight with and acerbis cyclops and ya sweet. $10900 brand new at the moment, weighs 15 kilos less has a better peak output, and shit loads more torque everywhere. :LOL:
    you can keep the fairing for those big trips or sell it for a good price to someone that has a brain fart. :grin:

    street triple, never heard a bad word about em other than cheapish running gear, but this is standard for any midsize naked. reliabilty is not your problem if its new and has warrenty.
    ride em all mate, once you do that you'll probably find a standout that fits you.
  17. many bike courirs i have spoken to regularly get 250-300,000kms out of their CBR600fs, the old hornets motor is a detuned variant of this.
  18. Hey, thats a nice bike!

    I'd read that the new hornet does have 102hp at the crank tho