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Hornet's secret uncovered!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. I've discovered how he can do so many posts and still find the time to ride :)


  2. It does explain alot. Esp why most of his posts don't make sense :p
  3. I don't even want to know why he's a choking hazard :shock:
  4. It's the "small parts"! :p

    So does that mean he is really controlling a swarm of these things with his brain? All typing away on a grid network of computers hardwired into the netrider server?

    Impressive! :)
  5. 2 1/2 hours and no reply from him, not true then :)
  6. :LOL: I've beeen out riding, left at 7:00 this morning, Old Highway to Wollombi, then across to Cessnock, then Broke, Putty Road, Oaks Road and home. Most of it with a broken speedo cable; luckily the bike has good mirrors.

    Yes, Tony, my secret is out; there are hundreds of those little beasties around, all posting to my username* :LOL:....

    *I DID use the word a c c o u n t there, but the swear filter blanked out half of it :rofl:
  7. Hundreds of little flying hornets logging in, it's the latest in networking; SWARM computing :p

    Question though, why would the filter clean up the word account?
  8. cause he left the O out
  9. No he did a typo - acoc u n etc. :)

    I once had the highly amusing spectacle of watching one of my female programmers explaining to a Japanese engineer exactly why it was a bad idea to abbreviate "count" in a FORTRAN program by omitting the letter "o"...
  10. And I had the swear filter block out the name of the owner of the Hunter Team that ran Suzukis for Stu Avant, Craig Trinder and other for a similar reason. His first name was Richard but the filter didn't like the abbreviation by which he was usually referred.

  11. Flashing eyes and flapping wings...
    Now we see his real self :)

  12. hahaha love your work
  13. . . . he has an evil twin ! ;)
  14. Damn straight he has. Bwhuhahahahahhahaha

  15. Dude, did you get permission from RedBull ??? 8-[

    Can you imbed that tune from The Omen when Damien gets introduced ??
    Now that would be creepy !!
  16. Actually - an even more evil twin I think you mean :demon: