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Hornet's got a new bike

Discussion in 'NSW' started by hornet, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. ... as good an excuse as any

    With the first weekend in May being the Parkinson's Charity event at the Grey Gum and also the Monthly Putty Ride, and the second being a regular church appointment for us, I'm proposing a Wilberforce-Broke-Kulnura-Sydney ride for the weekend of the 19th-20th of May.

    Leave from the usual place, servo at Wilberforce, 9:00am meet for an 9:30am depart, join where you can, ride as much or as little as you like, all riders all classes very welcome.
  2. So would that be on Sat 19th or Sun 20th? I might be in for a Sat ride.
  3. I haven't been on a Putty ride so you can definately count me in
  4. Mmmmm..
  5. OK, I made it look like an overnighter....

    Let's make it the Saturday, with the Sunday in reserve if the weather's lousy on Sautrday......
  6. Doh, pretty sure i'm working that weekend, but i'm sure i'll see the bike abouts soon
  7. Why is the title hornet has a new bike? and what is it? If its not a new Hornet are you gonna change your name?
  8. will check it out
  9. It's possible I might be able to attend on the weekend if thats alright.
  10. of course.

    I might change the timing of this ride a little so I can fit in with a two-dayer being run by the local riders; the plan is for them to leave here around 7:30 which would put me in Wilberforce at around 9:30. There you are Sydney riders, you get a bit of a sleep in!

    I've edited the OP to reflect the change.
  11. Just checking if this is still happening on Saturday?
  12. weather permitting, absolutely
  13. Weather's looking good. I'm in. Might be off to visit a mate on the Central Coast on the tail end though, so could be splitting off at the Old Pac.
  14. Paul, what sort of distances are we talking about with this run and are there any servo's along the way (besides Wilberforce)?.
    1600 cc are not renowned for being frugal[-:)ohno:

  15. There is an Ampol just after Wilbs, but that is no use. Next fuel is Broke, I think it is about 170ish Kms.
  16. There's a servo a few kays up the road from Wilberforce, and another at Colo Heights. If you fuel up there you'd make Bulga or Broke easily
  17. OK. Weather permitting - done deal.

  18. weather forecast is for 21 degrees and sunny
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  19. I'll let you know tomorrow night.