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Horneteers and rego

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by deafwish, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Where do all you Hornet riders mount your horrifically ugly plastic cased rego label?
    I have attempted to mount it on numerous places on the bike and it's as ugly as sin, wherever i put it. :mad:
    Anyone got a a good spot to mount it?
    Mine is currently stored under the seat..... :oops:

  2. Mine's bolted to the bottom of the number plate. Sure, my bike has an ugly arse but mine's no better.

    You can get little rolly tube rego holders, that'd let you stick it up out of the way a bit more.
  3. on the swingarm with an extended bolt through the chain guard bracket
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  5. Yeah, what are you on about? I saw one of these somewhere on the Net the other day. Are they legal?

    Got any links?
  6. hmmmmm nope, do a search, I saw them on here somewhere.
  7. Anyone have any luck? :?
  8. They are called Oberon billet cylindrical rego holders, are claimed to be legal.
    Contact AuStreetfighter.
    Hell, you can even get them with LEDs!!!!
  9. Mine's where Tash's got hers; it was below the numberplate until my little Greek friend used it for target practise!! :LOL:
  10. haha if work hadnt blocked webshots, i wouldnt have had to make that last comment... and this one! :p

    nice paint colour there!
  11. They are in the new AMCn mag.
    Austreetfighter.com has them.....bit expensive though !