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Hornet Plug Change

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by RobE, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Time to put new spark plugs in your 600 Hornet?

    Buy a new bike - it's easier.

    The book says undo three bolts, pull the radiator forward, change the plugs and Bob's your ex-Prime Minister.

    Like hell! These instructions are from the same people whose countrymen enjoy TV game shows where people are bribed to put their faces in vats of live maggots and wade naked through ice.

    The three bolt thing actualy only gives you cramped, knuckle scraping, braile "access" to Plug Two.

    Access includes fiddling the lead off the plug and out of the hole, all the while hoping that all that wiggling is not stuffing up the electrical connection, then feeling the plug socket disappear below finger reach into the top of the donk while praying that that socket extension will fetch it out again and building a grabber into the plug socket that will lift the plug from the bottom of its pit.

    Getting to Plugs One and Four is really easy. Once you take the tank off and since you have already learned a lot from the horrors of Plug Two.

    The hard part was finding the socket extension. One second it was there, the next, p-o-o-f! Vanished!

    After a 30 minute search of the garage it was found snuggled up under the lip of the bottom of the fuel tank. It may have been hiding from the bad language. :oops:

    Contemplating how to get to Plug Three makes you wonder if the bike really needs all four cyclinders to run OK. The solution involves unbolting bits of the ignition system and contortionism.

    And the plugs I took out looked in pretty good condition. A zen experience for a Saturday afternoon. :cool:
  2. Well done.

    At least when you undid the three bolts, three sets of rubber washers and retaining clips didn't fly in all directions, which also requires the eight arms of an octopus to reposition and fasten!
  3. I hope they were irridiums you fiited :p
  4. Don't believe everything you read; I put iridiums in mine and never undid one bolt or nut.
  5. And, the punchline is? :roll:
  6. An amusing read afterwards, but not so much fun at the time. Thanks :)

    Trevor G
  7. Obvious, I would have thought; I have changed the plugs a couple of times on my bike and the only thing I have undone has been the plugs... :roll:.
  8. Sometimes the manuals are WRONG! I held a spanner day here before xmas, changed plugs on a CBR 600. Manual said to defair bike, remove radiator etc. We did all that and STILL couldn't get to the sparkplugs!
    So we took the tank and air box off the top of the bike and it was all very easy after that.
    Look at what you want to do, remove only what you need to.
    We also wanted to change plugs on a VFR 800...one look at the multiple fuel/breather and wiring on teh bottom of the tank has made my desire to own one (and a Honda) disappear.

    Regards, Andrew.