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Hornet nesting in Melbourne

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Hi Folks, 963 kms and rain and wind can't deter the mighty blue Hornet!!

    {But I DO need some sleep, riding from 4 in the morning to just after 6 at night is a tad tiring}

  2. Welcome to Mexico, glad to hear you made it safe and sound. :)
  3. Hi Paul!

    I told you I would be home late! Glad you're here safely and I'll see you in the morning! :p :LOL: :p
  4. so it WAS you that i saw headiing south through bodalla between 7:00-8:30am yesterday?
  5. Hi Paul,

    Welcome to Melbourne.
  6. Hiya Paul!

    Have to catch up while you're here :)

    Have fun in Mexico :LOL:

  7. Hi Paul. Will have to catch up at the dinner tomorrow night.
  8. Glad you made it down to Mexico safe and sound Hornet :)
  9. Good to hear you arrived save, sound & tired.
    Catch up with you tomorrow night.
  10. Glad to hear you had a safe trip Paul.
  11. !!

    ABSOULTELLY, I left Wollongong about 4:15 so that would make 3 and a bit hours to Bodalla just right. So sorry I missed you mate, let's try and catch up on my return trip

    I was the only bike I saw heading south on the whole trip! I bet there are 100s of NSW riders on the road today :LOL:

    So, folks, my mobile number is (0413) 055 088, and I'll be down here till probably Friday, and I'd love to coffee or ride or chat.....
  12. Glad you made it safe and upright.
  13. I'll give you a call Paul and we'll catch up

  14. Re: !!

    ha, i knew it.
    i had just finished doing a seal design at kianga, and was heading back towards mogo. saw a blue hornet with rider aboard and threw the old hand out but you were looking down at something and missed me. wasnt sure if it was you or if i was imagining things so i carried on....
    i was in the work car, so its no surprise that you didnt see :p
    anyway, have fun in melbourne and if you are heading north and a lunatic in a Rodeo with fancy flashing light starts chasing you its me :grin:
  15. Hopefully catch up with you at the NR Dinner mate.
  16. See ya at the pub!
  17. Hi hornet - see ya at the pub 2morra night for the netrider dinner...!!! :grin:

  18. hi paul... pity I missed you yesterday, but see you tonight most likely :)
  19. Hey, eswen, you cut an impressive figure out there on the racetrack; I was saying to the talent-scouts from Honda, "Watch that girl", I said :LOL:

    See you tonight, I'm not coming all the way to Melbourne and not seeing you....
  20. paul,
    i'll be sealing town streets in bega tomorrow 'til 2pm then working on the highway near cobargo.
    be sure to stop if you see us :)

    southern asphalters:)