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Hornet moves nest

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by im.on.it, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. I just bought roughcactus' hornet, this is gonna be the slowest week till Sunday. I'm full of excitment and nerves, riding canterbury rd on my first real ride in traffic ain't gonna be much fun. :D

    Sorry Keith, you'll have to take the purple handbag to work, but only for a few more weeks.

    Now for a name change... any suggestions?

  2. nothing wrong with current nick. You're on it (a bike now) so it's still a nick that can apply to your current situation :grin:
  3. Absolutely; I think im.on.it is one of the more imaginative nicks on the whole forum, even more appropriate now that you ARE on it, and a Hornet to boot, woo-hoo in all directions.. :grin:
  4. Keep the name, it suits your status. Congrats on the purchase.
    Shan, make Keith take the cage to work ;)
  5. Well done, you got yourself a damn good bike there, and the Hornets have the added advantage of looking bigger than they actually are.......
  6. and meaner :LOL:

    congrats to you im.on.it and bloody brilliant choice. don't forget to update your profile now with your new bike. and stick with your current name - it's cute, it works and it confuses the fk outta me when people change their names :p :wink: :grin:

    ps as far as traffic goes, cantebury road ain't too bad. at least the lanes are reasonably wide. if you want a riding companion to do it with, send through a PM. i'm not far away from Cantebury Rd and have some time flexibility in the next week or two so happy to meet up with you somewhere and escort you :) (so long as you like a natter at the lights - i'm a big natterer :LOL: )
  7. congrats on owning a Hornet!!!!! Awesome beasties they are.

    And I agree - keep the name mate!
  8. We likes the hornet. Oh yes.
  9. Cheers carri27, i might take you up on the offer if my cager pulls out. be nice to have a nice big cage buffer in the mirrors. :)

    name stays.

    hope to meet y'all for coffees soon.
  10. Congrats on the purchase. I will warn you though that roughcactus will be around to visit on occassions to make sure you are keeping the hornet as clean as he did. :grin:
  11. Congrats on the purchace!
    I have ridden that bike and it is a little ripper!

    You can now attend our Hornet photoshoot in the next couple of weeks (date TBC)!!!

    Daz. :wink:
  12. Useless without pics, absolutely bloomin' useless ;)
  13. Scott check out roughcactus' "For Sale" thread, three nice piccies there.

    It's a pearler of a bike, and it has twin exhausts, something even my 600 doesn't have.

    The boy's got himself a great bike, that's for sure.
  14. Oh, THAT one! I think I left a comment in that thread - it is a nice looking bike for sure.
  15. But it's cold and the cage has a heater. :p
  16. Your name could do with an apostrophe, but otherwise I dig it too ;)
  17. thanks van i considered that, but i don't have an editor on my ass to make me change it. anyways visualy it looks weird.
    im.on.it <-- let's stick with this one.

    arghhh another sunny day... i wish i was out riding.