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Hornet - is it a sign?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Farab, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. I have been doing homework on what I want to upgrade to. (I always do this long before I buy something significant, as a bike! :LOL: )

    I have been looking at Hornets recently 600 vs 900 and which would be the better to upgrade to from VTR 250. (I have ther bikes on my list as well, such as SV's & Triumph Street's, etc.)

    I went to look at a Hornet 600 with my dad (he is also intersted in getting one) on Tuesday. Turned not to be in such great condition (cosmetically). Was in good mech condition as it was a bike mechanic's.

    Anyway, this was my first time on a Hornet and loved it! Could not give it heaps, as the road was wet.

    So needles to say, Hornets have been on my mind recently.

    Well, when I got to work this morning, a wasp/hornet managed to wedge itself in the fold/flap of my bike jacket main zip!!! I only discovered this in my office.

    I regret not taking a pics, but I was more concerned to get rid of it without getting stung, as it was seriously pissed off

    Is this a sign to get a Hornet!?
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Mods - should this be in General - still bike related?

  2. The hornet 6 rocks. It's an animal of a bike, so easy to ride that it turns you evil after a few short minutes.

    The hornet 9 is better for big blokes. More of a gentleman's express, it's a true all-rounder that quietly excels at hooligan activities.

    Buy one of either, you'll love it.
  3. Could have been a sign to buy a BSA
  4. I'm 6ft something, relatively tall. 90 kg's - working to get that down!!
    I commute everyday rain or shine and traffic's a biatch. 26 km's at 20 to 30 mins. The little VTR has been excellent in that regards.

    I would also like to pillion my wife (once in a blue moon), once I upgrade.

    Also there's the factor of upgrading from 250 to a 600 or 900?
  5. I would say that you are being stung into action, and need an antivenene in the form of a permanent sting :LOL:.
  6. go the H9 and be easy on the wrist until you get used to the beast.

    I think the 9 is slightly taller and not much heavier, but is a whole lotta bike and will be a better tourer with the missus.

    I love my hornet9 and commute every day on her, but have a blackbird for the fast stuff...................the H9 goes fast, but above $1.40 you really get wind blasted and need to hang on, which can get uncomfortable on long trips.
  7. Will a fly screen help for high speeds?

    Just popping out quickly, will check back later
  8. the best thing you can ever do with your life is buy a Hornet.

    i got a screen for my 600 for long trips, yes it helps for long distances (anything over 400kms in a day) at high speeds, but otherwise I wouldn't bother as I think they ruin the look of the bike.

    buy a hornet.
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  10. Maybe its a sign to stay away from Hornets!!!

    I'll raise the flag for the Bandit 1250s seeing as everyone else on this thread cant see past their tank badge :LOL:
  11. i'm biased but :WStupid: Mind you Edgelett and i are both a bit smaller than your good self. when i'm not pregnant i average <60kg so maybe the H9 is better for you but what i can say is that nobody ever regrets buying a Hornet. the only reason people seem to get rid of them is that they're so 'boringly perfect' after a number of years.

    i also tossed up between the SV650 and H6 but after test riding preferred the riding position and power distribution of the hornet. i personally also think they look hornier (as the name implies) but each to their own on that front.

    good luck and happy shopping.
  12. The screen looks like a bag of arse and does nothing but direct the airstream into your face. Bollocks to screens.

    Windblast was never an issue for me under about 180 - and frankly, when I'm going a hundred and fecken eighty kays an hour I *like* to feel like I'm going fast, not huddling behind some poncey piece of plastic. 260 or so was the quickest I got on a Hornet 9 and by god the indian-waiter "deary deary me" head motion was quite spectacular.

    If you want to go fast with no windblast, go get a car.
  13. lol loz is right really.
    though i bought a screen, I have only EVER used it once - riding to Phillip Island from Adelaide.
    And next time i probably won't bother with it.
  14. +1
  15. All good stuff guys!

    I e-mail one of our plant managers in Germany every so often. He has 2 Street triples, 1 Speed Triple , 1 Tiger 1050 and one CBR125RR for his 16 year old daughter (the whole family of 5 rides)

    He reckons it aint funny at 240km/h+ on the autobahn on his 1050 - very exhausting, especially having to contend and antisipate car movements. ( I guess with the EU its allowed a lot of peole into the country that don't have the same grounding and way of thinking as the Germans do, even this filters down to driving skills - jut shows you, its all about education eh, Flux?)
  16. This is what their lounge looked like this pass Christmas:

    Mods - maybe move this to General??
  17. :rofl: :rofl:
  18. Mods, can we please move this to "General"??

    Just a quick update, my dad beat me to it! :LOL:

    He bought a 2005, 900 Hornet with 30 000km's on the clock today, in black. Price NZ$8 500 on road.
    Comes with a Givi screen, luggage rack & genuine Oggy nobs and 6 month warrantee from dealer. Newish Michelins as well. Bike's in mint condition, with FSH. We both test rode it today, he pretty much wanted it straight away.

    He's as happy as a pig in shit! Gets it Wednesday after pre-delivery service, as I picked up a slight vibration from the front brakes after breaking heavily.

    BTW, my dad's 67 this year! :grin:

    I'm seriously considering a "demo' model with 300km's on the clock at NZ$10 500 ride away. (just doing the sums, etc.)
  19. +1