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Hornet + Flat Bars?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by jimmythehuman, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. The Hornet bars feel a little bit wrong to me - bit of a Virago angle and sit up a tiny bit too high - anyone ever ridden one with flat bars? I was thinking about it and reckon it would position me better and probably handle better in corners - i could be wrong but this is what i imagine.

    Anyone got experience with this?

    also i wanna buy a new front tyre today but wanna go on the spurs ride on Saturday - is it best to stick with my older tyre (still RWC) or get a new one and try and do some KMs on it before hand?
  2. hoy jim
    ive had my motocross bars on for about 6months now.. and theyre sweet!!!

    i dont have to hang so low round corners, but still great control, considering the bars are so wide....
    good for long cruises....went to bowen and back with em,, with no fatigue at all on the wrists
    cost me about $100 all up i think,, new bars, grips and bar ends.
    had to redrill the new bars to match the rivets on the control assemblys, ut other than that an easy job.... stuffing around with the throttle assembly is a pain..... but youll figure it out :wink: :)
  3. I like the bars on the Hornet, but they're a very personal issue, I'd never try and convince someone else...

    Tyre, on the other hand, unless you can do around 50k of brisk riding, I'd thrash the old one on the Spur and get a new one next week....
  4. Hmm motocross bars i didnt think of that.

    I was think of a flat bar, kinda like you see on some cruisers, but maybe that will be too low.

    Do you get any vibrations or anything aat aall that is abnormal?

    Thanks for tyre advice, I think i will do that - only reason i want to change it is cos its kinda old and has some crack in it - previous owner just ddidnt do enoguh KMs and when i went out on a private road last weekend and got the speed up i was thinking about crap it would be if the tyre flew apart at 165kmh - i will keep the speed down until i change it guess :)
  5. Motocross bars will probably have a bit more flex and come in a variety of bends. Make sure you test a whole bunch as they can differ substantially. Personally I like Pro Taper bars, I use the Henry Reed bend which is quite high as I stand up most of the time when riding off road. Fatty bars would be the best but you'd need to buy bar clamps as well which is an additional $40-50 and I'm not sure if they'd fit a Hornet. Don't forget to get a good bar pad, hitting the bar in a crash without one really hurts!!
  6. is that Mrs. Hornet speaking??? :LOL:
  7. I had a Renthal motocross handlebar on my Hornet 900 and flex was never an issue. If anything the standard steel bars would be more prone to that than aluminium. Barpads look pants on nakedbikes too imo, they just aren't worth the money i think.
    Mini mx bars that are quite straight are the go, they aren't too wide (allowing easier lane splitting plus fitting of controls and such) and are still hella strong enough for the job.
  8. Jimmy, I'm getting a new GPR70 fitted on the front today, and I figure by the time I've ridden from down here to Healesville on Saturday, that's ~150km's of scrubbing done. If you want, PM me, and I'll catch you on my way through Langy, and we can ride up together.


  9. You do realise that you're sposed to cut MX bars to size? Depending on how wide your shoudlers/riding preference you can cut usually up to about an inch off either side.
  10. How much you paying for that tyre? What brand is it? Where?

    We (PNUT and i) are leaving from Langy Plaza at 6.30am, at the Bakery.

    Ahh yellow VTR, i have seen you around in mt eliza?
  11. Cool.. I'll drag my arse out of bed and be there around then.

    As for the tyre, it's a Dunlop GPR70SP, and it's ~$129 from Mornington Honda. (Not totally sure on price, because I needed it last week ( :oops: ) so just told them to bang it on).

    As for seeing me in Mt Eliza - Maybe. :wink: I blat through occasionally, but there's another bloke floating around on a VTR250 from the area with the same name as me (Honda keeps getting us mixed up) :LOL:
  12. Yes, i do happen to know that.
    The main issue with normal moto bars is that they straighten out too late for a hornet 900's controls. I had problems with getting the throttle and brake onto a non-mini size bar because they just didn't have the length in the cable/hose to make it past the bend. Buying a mini mx bar solves this problem because the dimensions are smaller in the bend and overall width.
  13. Pragnasty could you please tell me the width of those bars, end to end? Because as has been said if i get some that are too wide then then the cables wont reach. Do you get any vibrations or anything?

    Are yours mini mx (80cc) bars? Cos i was thinking once you remove the crosss bar, how are they different from the stock bars? In the photo they look almost the same?
  14. austreetfighter.com.au

    Flat drag bars & Oberon bar ends

    nice combo.
  15. They're great! I have Renthal MX bars on now but I think I will change to these.
  16. those guys are my aussie hornet shipping connection.

    I love them
  17. Thanks for that link - i think a set of twin lights and the flat bars and some new mirrors are coming my way - but how to get it past the wife, not even she would be convinced if i said they was worn out and needed replacing. :(

    What i need is somehwre to buy this stuff second hand...

    I am gonna hunt around the reckers and see what i can find...
  18. I saw a set of MX bars on an 02 hornet 900 just like mine today... Interestingly, there was another one around the corner exactly the same, and that's the first 2 red hornets I've seen apart from my own, did a double check to make sure it hadn't been pinched!


    I didn't like the lok of MX bars on the Hornet personally - I quite like them as they are.

    Just sayin'.
  19. Did you know austreetfighters are netrider partners & give 10% discount if you quote your netrider number when placing the order from their webstore?

    e-bay is ALSO a great website for finding Hornet stuff. And sometimes austreetfighters have stuff extra cheap on there.
  20. lol haha yeah wasnt watchin that topic for a while

    i had to cut the bars down to make them fit, about an inch off each end
    there measurement now is exactly 770mm.
    the bar ends the protrude another inch either side.
    i tried to make the bars as wide as possible as i could so this was my allowable size., utilising the stock cables.
    ( the 770mm is the length of the angle by the way: eg a triangle .. the longest side (the hypotenuse??? :shock: )

    the handlebars are braced and they rise up about say 1 1/2 to 2 inches, but i have angled them a bit as well.

    the stock cables are fine, you will need to fit one side first (preferebly throttle) and then angle the bars to fit on the clutch etc...

    NO vibration at all is present... very strange to ride with to start with.... but you get used to it and youll love it...

    i am tall almost 8ft and because of the peg positioning etc.. this helps my posture more so.

    i picked my gear up from mcas www.mcas.com.au

    as follows;

    bar ends carbon fibre $27
    pro grip sbk red grips $20
    extension handlebar black enduro $53

    stress, elbow grease, swear jar $LOTS!!!!

    i corner a LOT faster and now i can tackle terrain like this:

    :cool: :cool: