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Hornet Exhaust Upgrade

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. G'day All.

    I've upgraded from this: some boy-racer Staintune exhaust which is all loud and such


    to this: a $25 exhaust off eBay, which Honda designed specifically for the Hornet, so it's both in tune, and quiet - the two virtues I seek.


    The former's sale will finance $200 worth of touring mods. Anyway, two questions:

    Saddle Bags....
    1) I want to fit leather saddle bags. That new exhaust has a heat shield, and I'm wondering whether that might allow me to simply place some heat wrap, or something with a similar purpose, over it so that the bag can rest against it without getting too hot (and unlike insulation wrapped around the exhaust itself, won't stop the exhaust from dissipating heat). Opinions? If not, what simple ultra-cheap design done with limited tools strikes you?

    2) I'd love to make the exhaust as quiet as possible. Any opinions on how to do this without adversely effecting tuning (though I hear the Hornet's a bit lean from the factory, and I wouldn't mind warmer blood if that means better starting in the cold) or adversely effecting power to any great degree? (-Maybe this is a stupid question....however if a little less power were traded for better pull from low, I'd take that as a nice trade - The Honda Cosmic Flash Cruiser (as she's known) just takes it easy when her chilled master's aboard)).

  2. I haven't noticed the stock pipe to be too hot to throw saddle-bags over the seat, even on the hottest days. The metal fo the pipe is thick and the heat sheild stands a fair bit off the pipe.

    As for economy, I have never felt that the stock pipe and engine tune was too lean OR too rich, I certainly believe that the engine will be better off with the pipe that's designed for it....
  3. I know the.forsaken has an after-market dual pipe system on his hornet 250, my cbr has the same engine and the same stock pipe as you it looks like, but his bike has a much more comfortable purr compared to the blade's scream. Maybe pm him.