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Hornet CB900/CB900F difference

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ads, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    Can someone please tell me the difference between the cb900 and cb900f? Ive tried searching online with no luck.

    These are going new for $9990 + ORC. Is this a pretty good deal? Ive never had a ride but this seems pretty good considering what they used to cost. Is it worth my while trying to get second hand when they are this price new?

    I was considering a new SV650A but I sat on a Faired SV650 on the weekend and it felt a bit too small for me. My knees felt squished into the tank. Still havent taken either bike for a test ride though.

    Ive also never negotiated on a new bike. Any tips? Id really like some gear in the package. Are they normally pretty good with throwing in some goodies?

    Thx for any advice
  2. Cb900 and cb900f, in australia its one and the same in as far as I know (at least if you're talking about buying new, theres only one cb900, I don't know about weird 1970s models).

    Its of course very upright compared to the SV so it will feel alot more cramped, because the bars are lower, doi :) Its all about what you compare it to, go sit on an r6 or similar and you'll think the SV is a lounge chair :grin: That said, I'm 6'1 and my SV is a little small for me, but I'm young so it doesn't effect me. Test ride a few different bikes. The hornet though (haven't ridden one, quick someone let me try one!) must be a corker of a powerplant, given its fireblade heritage.

    As for negotiating, yes they prefer to throw in gear/heavily discount it rather than lower the sale price. At 10grand +orc they have no movement, you'd be hard pressed getting them to move $100 with the price. But get them to throw in some riding gear/luggage, anything you need etc. or at least heavily discount it for you, perhaps give you cost price on a bunch of stuff.
  3. They are probably one and the same. If you look at things like Bikesales.com.au you'll often see a couple of designations. For example if you look for Honda Blackbird you'll find at least three entries: Blackbird, super blackbird and cbx1100 or whatever...

    F would suggest Fairing, but there is no such thing as a faired version of Hornet 900, not recently and not in Australia anyway.
  4. +1 the only faired version I know of is the CB600FS
  5. CB900 is the CB900F. Get one. Great bike.