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Hornet 900 vs Kwaka Z1000 vs Trumpy Speed Triple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. Dad's still trying to decide what naked bike he wants. He's now decided the Kwaka Z1000 is a great looking bike & feels comfy, though he likes the look of the Triumph Speed Triple, and also is still keen on the Honda Hornet 900.

    I of course told him to just take them all out for a test ride & buy the one he likes best

    But I thought I'd ask you guys for your opnions on em too.

    he's also considering the Z750 as an alternative to the z1000 if he found one cheap enough.

    So let's hear your thoughts on which bike you like most!
  2. The Triumph is certainly the best looking street bike out of those 3. PNUT mate Pommy has one that i am sure a few of the riders here have seen, its looks like a beast.
  3. Z1000 or Z750!!!! Both Fantastic bikes....plus they have the added bonus of being TEAM GREEN!!! Go the Kwacka!!
  4. + eleventy one billion.

  5. The Hornet 900 is VERY basic.
    The Trumpy is VERY expensive.
    The Z1000 is incredible value IMHO, just change those horrid pipes!
  6. The Hornet 900 is due for face lift in '07.. Rumours are Honda are increasing the engine to 1000cc's and will probably get similar styling changes that have been proposed on the new '07 Hornet 600..

    So it might be better to wait a few months when the '07 models start getting announced..
  7. Hmm... Complete the set with a CB9!


    Speed triple: Useless for passengers, unbelievable for wheelies, pricier than the CB9, parts and service costs are quite expensive. Still looks brilliant. Fully adjustable suspension.

    Z1000: Adjustable forks (preload only? not sure), great looks, about the cost of the Speed triple. No idea what they're like to ride.

    CB900: Excellent for passengers, suspension is quite basic compared to the others but a good fun bike to wheelie or hustle around. Importantly though, it's 3 grand cheaper than the other two.

    Get him to test ride, keeping in mind whether the other two are three grand better!
  8. Speed Triple, Forget it. Peter Stevens are not interested in providing support for
    this bike.

    Z1000... no idea. Bolton didn't seem interested in providing a demo any time soon
    when I was looking.

    Hornet 900-- this was my 2nd choice after the Superduke. It pulls hard considering
    it looks like a grand fathers clock. The Honda salesman was excellent to deal with
    (Jason Gratez ??).

    However, I would get your dad to go to GP motorcycles and check out a Superduke.
    Other than that, the Hornet aren't bad in my opinion.

  9. well price has meant he's taken the speed triple off the list.
    so now it all comes down to a test ride of each bike!

    He's looking at a 2nd hand Kwaka z1000 or a brand new hornet. i told him to get the new bike - but the 2nd hand kwaka comes with the sports exhaust system & a micron can, so there's a few bucks worth there.

    just depends on how soon he can test ride em & whether he a) sells his current bike or b) they offer him a good trade up price!
  10. What crap.
    Z1000 - $15,490
    S3 - $15,990
    I don't deny the Zeds a nice bike, but if $500 makes the Trumpy "very expensive", and the Zed "incredible value", then I must be wealthier than I thought :LOL:
  11. Now that you're looking at the CB900 or Z1000, call me biased, but the qubes hav it!

    Like apples and oranges really!

    cb = comfort and touring, solid all rounder, simple but effective engine, pillion friendly(er)

    z = sportier, handling/cornering, more sport biased in terms of comfort, can't kill engine, so some k's on the clock don't matter.

    There you go, my 2cents worth.

    By the way, I chose the z1000 personally and absolutely love it!

  12. All three are great bikes, but I'd go the triple. Service inerval is every 10K instead of 6k, so that should be factored in when comparing service costs.
  13. Suzuki SV1000 nudie, in black.

    Of the 3x you mentioned it's no contest: the Honda Hornet 900.
    The Triumph is funky & powerful, but not much is thought of their longevity.
    The Kawasaki Z1000 is a good looker, but they've been alittle hit & miss. Some are fabulous & some others are dogs - odd power spread & harsh (rear) suspension.

    The best thing about the 900 Hornet, is that it'll do it all no problem at all, in more comfort & less stress & cost that just about anythnig else out there.
    Maybe I should buy one.
  14. for those who are interested,
    he bought a triumph speed triple a month ago & loves it to death!