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Hornet 900 or Hornet 600?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bass_player, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Hi all!

    Just a quick question. Currently looking at Honda Hornets (I keep changing my mind on the type of bike I want to get :roll: ) So this begs the question, Hornet 900 or Hornet 600? About 03 onwards to be used for the daily commute and some fun on the weekends? Any thoughts?


  2. The 600 is a great laugh if you're small enough to feel good on it - for bigger blokes it's mental around town but needs some suspension upgrades to be any good in the twisties.

    The 900 feels a lot more civilised than the 6 - but if you know how to flog the pants off it, it actually becomes a very fun bike. Low-down power is better for teh whooliez than the 6. The 9 gets my vote.
  3. I vote the 900. Better tank range, more torque, twin underseat exhausts, awesome crazy fun and stupid-cheap at the mo'.

    The Brit press lauded the 600 and slagged off the 9 but, after riding both, I find the 9er easier to ride when you're feelin lazy but just as quick to silliness in the twisties.

    There should be plenty of examples out there to test ride though.
  4. 176kg dry weight vs 194kg dry weight
  5. Hornet 900 of course. Sleeper fireblade!
  6. You forgot to mention 'buzzy irritating peaky power vs solid smooth midrange with good (silky smooth) top end...' There's more to bikes than weight.

    To the OP: This thread: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=60930 covered this topic only last week with someone wondering whether or not to go FROM the 900 TO the 600.

    Read the thread and I think you'll be pretty convinced the 900 is the way to go.

    It's the bike I'd be riding if I'd had the money... (but not enough money for a blackbird... Mwuhahahahaha!!!)
  7. I'd go for the 900. Good, solid powerplant, nimble enough chasis. I wouldn't mind one...
  8. I like the 900 Hornet so much, I bought one.

    Aftermarket cans will drop 2kgs right there.
    Power is strong, but the best part about it, is that it's easy going as well, a roadbike you can confidently ride on loose gravel roads or even mud.
    Also it can happily sit on the posted speed limits (ie: 60kms/hr) without feeling like it's straining at the leash, but when you do open it up, it goes like buggery.
    Engine is bombproof as well. Abuse it for 50,000kms , leave it out in the rain all the time & it'll still start like it just came out of the showroom.

    And the bouncy (softishness) of the suspension can be a blessing on real world roads. None of this bashing, smashing rubbish letting you know that it's just waiting for the next lap of a race track.

    And if you dont like any of it's soft side, you can mod it hard all over.

    (watch your toes in the corners though).
  9. i have a 600 and I have dirty dreams about it

    but i've never had a 900 so can't compare

    and loz is right the 600 needs better suspension. he helped me with my front end a little while ago which helped a lot, but my rear is still shagged - one day i'll get a new one
  10. +1!

    Go the 900, a hooligan in disguise. Smooth, low down torque, but she can boogie when you let her!

    Its the prefect all rounder, I commute almost everyday and have a good play in the twisty stuff most weekends.

    Also loads of mods you can do.
  11. The 600 is what I was keen on as an upgrade once off restrictions but chose the 900 because of tank range and two up riding/touring. A pretty good review of it in this months Motorcycle Trader.

    As a commuter she's fantastic. Weekends are fun too.
  12. hehehehehe :p please forgive my immaturity.
  13. 900!!!

    the 600 is a bit thirsty ain't it? well for a 6
  14. yes it's very frickign thirsty
    but since i live in Adelaide & the hills are 5 mins from my house...tank range isn't an issue to me.

    i didn't buy a bike to be economical, i bought a bike to fang it through the hills lol
  15. Had a 900 ... loved it. Did the road trip to Tassie with a few mates and hooned around over there.
    Low revs for smooth, sedate riding ... keep her above 6k for hooning fun in the twisties :)

    Also, changed the (crap) stock handlebar for a Renthal Fatbar ... hell of a difference (it's a bit wider & flatter ==> not quite so upright seating ... which I preferred).

    As for exhaust, all I did was to have the baffles changed for slightly bigger ones ... not too loud but just the right note ;) (Motorcycle Exhaust Professionals at Springwood).

    Rode the (new) 600 ... also not a bad bike, but if you're looking at 2nd hand, then I'd def go for the 900. And if you change your mind and start looking at new ... I think the 1000 Hornet is in the country ...
  16. Agreed, what the hell were they thinking when they put that crap OEM bar on?!

    Did you see the price tag of the new CB1000R (Predator)?!
  17. would the CB1000R mirrors mount onto the hornet 900-straight swap?
  18. You're a fellow bass player, you know that in a live situation you need 3 times the power of your band mates, & that bigger is always better! This also relates directly to motorbikes.

    Simple. :grin:
  19. they're still both hondas...

    id personally go for the 9 if they cost the same. but i think you will find the 6's are a fair bit cheaper 2nd hand and that may factor in
  20. For what it's worth, the older H6 had a weirdarse sized front tyre. 16 inch if I'm not mistaken, which severely limits your choice of sticky rubber. If you're that way inclined. To press on a bit that is.