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Hornet 900 OEM Handle Bars

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Farab, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Does anyone have the exact (theoretical) measurements for the Hornet 900's OEm handle bars?
    Width, height, rise, sweep & clamp width? Just would like to compare them to aftermarket handle bars' charts, etc.


  2. Hornet 900 OEM Handle Bars - Info found

    Havn't verified the dimensions, but found this:

    --------------------Width mm--------Rise mm-----Pullback mm

    Stock 919-----------------------660--------102------190
    Coerce---------------------------690-------- 30------100
    Renthal Ultra lows----------725--------75--------95
    Renthal Streetfighter------755------100--------80
    Renthal Low------------------730------105--------125
    Renthal Medium-------------725------115--------105
    Renthal High-------------------710------120--------105
    AFAM superbike-------------730--------80--------80
    LSL Sport Tourer------------680--------45------110
    LSL superbike lows--------740--------50------140
    LSL superbike----------------760--------70------150
    Suburban Machienry------685--------50------120
    Rizoma Conical or Std.---720------- 75------105

    On this site:


    which was found via:

  3. Have you changed the stock bars on your bike yet Farab? Just wondering what you've gone with and how they compare. Had a look on the wrist twisters forum and that's a shedload of info on the hornet. Thanks for that link.
  4. No, I havn't yet. I looked at a few other brands, but eventyally came back to the Renthal Ultra Lows. I ordered one in Tanium colour which should be here sometime next week. Will keep you posted.



    is an excellent source of info for 919 owners!
  5. Looking forward to the updates. Am considering changing the bars on mine too. Not sure but leaning towards the ultra lows as well. I get her back some time this week so I'll see what I do.