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Hornet 900 - Model differences

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TonySV, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. After much research I think Ive finally decided in gonna get a Hornet 900.

    I have my eye on a used '04 model with 15,000 and appears to be in v.good condition. Cant really fault it apart from rear tyre is about 60%.

    From the details on the Honda website there appears to be no difference between the '04 and '05 but I noticed in the '05 pic the Nissan calipers have changed to gold colour.. Is this just a colour change or does the gold indicate upgrade brakes?

    Any other know issues I should look for with the 900? Seems to be a pretty well designed and well put together bike for what it is..

    Finally, any idea what sort of mileage you get?

  2. I think the 05'model has preload adjustment, and the 04' doesnt...
    As for milage, i get 250km before the reserve light comes on... (15ltrs i think)
  3. Nah, the '04 has preload and rebound.. I think '04 was the first year to get the suspension upgrade..

    250km until reserve is excellent.. I was thinking it would struggle to get 200km.. Im guessing that figure will reduce dramatically if you start pushing it..?

  4. I think the '05 has adjustable front forks, this was the first year for them????
  5. imho hornets are a little overpriced for what they are. and i got mine cheap! i guess they hold resale value at the moment.

    though if i was to buy another road bike for commuting, i'd consider a firestorm. a slightly different kettle of fish, but they are very good value for money.
  6. The one I rode today is supposed to be '04 and the front forks definately had rebound and preload.. The rear shock just has preload from what I could see.

    Ive looked at the firestorm's they are a nice bike but I prefer nakeds..

    The guy wants $8000 for the bike. It has 10 months rego full service history from redwing honda in heidelberg and only 15k kms.. Seems ok to me.??
  7. $11,990 brand new on the road, so $8,000 for a low-mileage is pretty good, just make sure Loz hasn't been practicing his wheelies on it :LOL: