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hornet 900 modding

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by mr_roboto, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. so for now im probably going to get a hornet 900 and as for mods i find myself wondering...

    what should i expect from normal mods in terms of horsepower and performance increase?

    exhaust, intake and what else?

    they have apparently 110hp in standard trim. what should i be able to bring that up to with reasonable modding?
  2. Typically 110hp at the crank will translate to about 95 at the rear
    wheel after chain/gearbox losses etc.

    If you go filter, slipon muffler, and jet kit/PC3 you often get back to that
    original figure but this time it's at the back wheel.
    So about $1500 for about 10-15hp.

    Or you could use that money to buy a faster bike in the first place.
  3. There aren't really any other naked bikes that are substantially faster or more powerful, and a naked bike is what I want... so....

    Plus I love the look of the hornet.
  4. I was thinking of something like an FZ1 with about 130 at the back wheel, or a speed triple, but if you

    really like the hornet


    get the hornet

    cos it's about what you like, not what makes the best numbers...
  5. Or z1000 with 130hp
  6. Unless you're really obsessed with HP numbers I'd save the bucks and spend them on suspension which is pretty average at best.

    IMHO, it's 'fast' enough...
  7. stop being sensible.

    yeah FZ1 looks awesome and has 150 at the fly. the z1000 could be considered good looking too.

    but theese both cost a fair bit more than the 900 espesh 2nd hand
  8. dunno why you'd need more ponies out of the 900, but if you're after figures try asking on the Hornet's Nest

  9. You're kidding yourself if you think you need more than 100hp on the road... I'd go the suspension option personally, it'll make you faster and safer.
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  11. Mods are about sounds & looks, aren't they?
    Most mods to max the hp usually put in a place where you rarely find yourself (top end?) or you'll be having to drag around the printout from the dyno to show everyone where the $2K+ went.

    These Hornet things are super scoots though ,at worst they can be regarded as alittle bland in stock trim, but that's not where you like to end up.

    Mine has aftermarket 'cans & low rise Renthal 'bars, suits me. Scraps the pegs though, but that's cool....
  12. And on our Aussie roads it's torque that gets you from bend to bend :grin: The Bandit has plenty of both :wink:
  13. I'm trying to talk Kenny into letting me play with one of his Bandits for a day to see if I can make it handle like a motorcycle. Right now though, while I think the Bandit engine is very special indeed, and I like the look of the 1st gen frame for a streetfighter base, I don't reckon they handle.

    Until I work out how to fix that, I wouldn't own one and I wouldn't recommend anyone who's not confident with that sort of messing around buy one either.
  14. Try on a wet one Loz. By all magazine reports the new ones are up to par although they are never going to be a "sports bike" but mine kills my old RF in the suspension department.

    A good comparo would be between the 1st gen and the latest but it will be hard to find a stock suspended 1st gen now.