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Hornet 900..I GOT IT...........yahoooooooo!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jeffatav, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Now before you all go and say "hit the search button", I have been searching.

    A couple of questions......

    Being , well not tall in the leg department, how do these bikes go for the shorter rider??

    Does anyone have anything bad to say about these bikes?????

    I have found one on bikesales that I am a little more than interested in.


    Seems ok to me..............opinions???

  2. So you getting rid of the cruiser?

    For that kind of money I'd be looking at a VTwin. IMHO, nothing beats the available torque - say SV or VTR.

    Check out Pil's SV650, lives close by, and very cool looking bike, unless you want to tour with a pillion - the 650 will keep most riders happy.
  3. But then I when I get my sv, I won't have any excuses for not keeping up :rofl:

    Pil and I are doing mccarrs tomorrow, meeting in narra, getting to mccarrs about 10.40-50ish, come check his sv out if you like :)
  4. I am not sure about losing the cruiser 'cause its so good,for well.....cruising.

    Thinking about getting a commuter that can tour, double up, etc as well!

    Love to have all three in the garage, but I might lose me nuts if I do that!! :LOL:

    I will be in the city tomorrow but would've come for a little ride.......ah well, family calls!!

    I'll just have to organise some tests.

  5. If you're married, you won't miss em! :rofl:
    Get the bike!

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Jeff,
    My mate from work Eamonn has one, he was at henno ride, I think its awesome for a naked. I am sure I can convince him to come to Terry Hills coffee one night.
  7. hahaha, jeff wants a sports bike! :p :LOL:
    i havnt heard a bad thing about em mate. loz wrote up a fairly detailed review of em after he binned his. the only thing he complained about was the cheapish suspension. that bike you are looking at is friggin nice, you wouldnt have to spend a cent on it. except maybe adjust the "candy apple red"
    lol just kidding, nice colour even though the name is homo rainbow.

  8. :LOL: :LOL: As well as my cruiser and trail bike :LOL: :LOL:

    I might have to give this bike a miss (unless toecutter can help out :LOL: )as I will be leasing and will have to get new and claim GST etc etc.

    So I will have to packqage all I want into the lease.

    Luggage system, centre stand, oggys, screen, alarm etc etc :(
  9. Well there's a few bad things about them that I can remember:

    - Water gets into the little switch that changes between the odo and trip meter, and roots it.

    - Water gets into the rear hub and rusts the wheel bearings out from the inside (a problem with all Hondas with the Fireblade wheels - hub drainage is poor) - this can be solved simply by making sure the hub has no water in it every time the wheel comes off, and covering the inner surface of the bearings with lots of high temp marine grease.

    - Suspension and brakes are not up to sportsbike chop, but you can throw some bucks at that if it's a problem.

    - Fuel injection is by Honda, so you've got no ability to adjust anything without a PCIII if you put pipes on.

    All are very small issues really... The H9 is a kickass bike and I'd recommend them to anybody.
  10. i have an '02 model. i'm not as mechanically critical as some of the others but for commuting, two-up, asphalt sex in the twisties, etc i like it alot. would like a bigger fuel tank when going for longer rides but other than that i'm glad i chose the 900.

  11. OK.........went into the local Honda shop today and started the ball rolling.

    $10 990 drive away (before optioning up)

    The hornet fits very nicely :grin:

    What is comparable in the other three brands???
  12. You went to freedom? Bad Jeff, bad! :twisted:

    $11K ride away, damn thats not bad. As to other brand equivalents, thats a thinker... Z1000/750 for kawa, FZ1 for yama. As for suzuki.. SV1000/s kind of.. kind of only in terms of the price though, but vtwin instead of I4.

    I'm definitely getting a z1000 when I'm... older :cool:
  13. I hear good things about the bandit, selling for about $12-13K ride away. Suits taller riders and has a bit of style in an old cardigan kind of way. :cool:
  14. I wandered into Action Suzuki today to see what they can do.

    They can match the other price (too far away for servicing etc ) but I had a sit on the abovementioned bandit 1200 and a fz6s

    The Bandit also had a nice and comfortable riding position with screen (half fairing) and centre stand standard. Plus promotional free luggage set (hard panniers and top box) for $14 000
    More HP etc, but heavier and a big ugly monster can on one side not tucked under the seat, which is almost compulsory these days :LOL:


    Yamaha fz6s again with centre stand and "screen" standard and about the same price as the 900 hornet. Not as big an engine as the hornet, but a couple of accessories to start with!

    It's just me, but I have never been a kwaka fan at all so I won't even consider one.

    My gut feeling still is with a hornet and the local honda dealer, Freedom Cycles at brookvale (that I swore I would never go back to after a regulator problem gone wrong) is leading my race and the look on the Action salesman :shock: told me instantly that $10990 IS a good price
  15. $10,990 ride away is what Honda have been advertising and selling the 900 Hornet for for the best part of a year, Jeff, see adverts in all the bike mags. This is irrespective of the dealer. It must be working for them :LOL:.
  16. Yeah, I thought that price rang a bell and I think it has been closer to two years. They won't move off that price as I suspect Honda has them with bugger all profit margin.

    I'll have to haggle with the accessories to see how desperate they are for a sale!!

    I like the hornet for the ride position and the light weight and seat height.

    We will have to see :cool:
  17. Ah, go on, just buy one, you'll never regret it!
  18. buy the Hornet, it's a two wheeled sex machine!
  19. god freedom are shockers. I used to live near by & still work on Old Pittwater Rd so they really were convenient for a while. Until they put on a rear tyre the WRONG WAY, then when i took it back & stupidly said it "feels weird " and left it with them they said it was a bit low on tyre pressure! Eventually worked it out & took it in , the freaky guy that owns it didnt even apologise or offer a new tyre ( which I demanded ) , left it up to the russian girls to do his apologising, and they arent the ones doing the tyre fitting!! I just find that guy really patronsing & down right unfreindly. Their over charging is also crazy & , well I could go one, but I won't.
  20. The russian girl is the owner :LOL: :LOL: and she is pretty cool.

    the only other guy there that is any good is one of their salesmen...........................but the rest, including their tossbag head mechanic, i wouldn't p1ss on if they were on fire.

    But, they are my closest dealer, so I may still have to use them for warranty servicing :(

    They are pricing out the leasing arrangement, but the sales guy I had this time has to wait for the russian chick to come back from europe next week to show him how to do it :shock:

    As far as being sex on wheels.....................well if I have to. :LOL: :LOL: