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Hornet 600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Org, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. I am looking to buy a hornet 600,

    I know a lot (or all) Hornet 250s are grey imports, just wondering if many Hornet 600s are grey imports,

    and if so, what is the way to spot it?


  2. Nope, the Hornet was sold officially here between around 98 and 2001 (don't kill me if the dates are a bit out)

    There were two variations, a straight naked and the S-Model with a chassis-mounted fairing and an electronic tacho.

    Spares are all still available; expect to pay around $300 for a 6.000 km service, it won't need valve or carby work this side of 100,000 unless it's been raced, in which case, run away now!

    Fuel tank is the same size as the 250 so expect to be stopping for petrol fairly frequently.

    Front tyres on the naked are limited choice because it has a 16" wheel; the S-Model has a 17" and there's a lot more choice. Rear tyres you can espect to pay around $300.....
  3. Thanks for that,

    I currently have a '96 ZX6R, so I expect the running costs to be similar, just want something better suited to commuting

    I am interested in the naked version, I will let you know when I get one
  4. You get back to me, OK, I've had mine for two years and nearly 50,000 kms, so I've got a bit of history with the beast!
  5. talking about Hornets is my favourite thing!

    everything Paul has said is right, however keep in mind that the 2007 model will be released here at the end of the year.

    personaly I perfer the older models, mine's a 1998.

    great commuter, fun in the twisties, and so light that it brings out your inner hooligan!

    feel free to ask me any questions you have too.
  6. According to the salesman I spoke at at my local Honda dealer, the 600s will be out in the next few months rather than at the end of the year. Still tried to sell me a 900 right now, and may have been just wanting me to keep checking in regularly, so take it for what it's worth.
  7. now THAT'S sexy news!
    oh have other news but will post in the '07 Hornet thread.
  8. Thanks for the replies,

    Looking at some this weekend,

    Did they ever sell the early naked models in anything but blue??

    Nothing against blue bikes, my last 2 bikes have been blue and I wouldnt mind a change!
  9. Mine's blue, Tash's WAS blue, both S-Models I've seen in Wollongong were also blue........
  10. And all the ones I have seen for sale are blue!

    Guess there is my answer,

    I think I am always destined to end up with a blue bike, best not to try and fight it!
  11. while I was looking for a Hornet, I saw them in the following colours:
    Blue, Yellow & Black.

    According to The Hornet's Nest, they also made them in Red but I've never seen a red one except mine, and mine used to be blue! lol.

    you can always take my option of re-painting it any colour you like. costs less cause it's a naked.
  12. Hiya Rexy Blue.

    I've had 2 Hornets in the past, A Naked Yellow 99 model & a Black Faired 2000 model.
    The CB600f first appeared in Aus in 98 in Blue only, In 99 it was in Yellow only. From 2000 the CB600f S (Faired) was sold here, The Naked was dropped for 2000 & wasn't bought back, The last of the CB600f S (Faired) was sold in 2004 befor the 600 range was dropped, The 01,02,03 & 04 were all in Blue.
    There is only one Red CB600f that was getting around that was a factory import. It was one of 3 evaluation bikes bought inn in late 97 to gauge public reaction, 2 shades of Red & the Blue, Blue was the chosen color. One of the Reds was stipped & scrapped, The Other was baught by one the Trainers of the Tullamarine Hart Training Centre, He heavily moded it & it was always at the HART ridedays. The last I heard about it was in about 2002, Don't know if it's still getting around.
    The Tank, Tail panels & front Gard of the stipped Red Hornet were sold to Rod Chapman from AMCN to replace the damaged panels on his 98 CB600f he had at the time, Crashed while doing a training day for AMCN.

    Enough of my Blabbering for now. Want to know more about the Hornet Worldwide? Check out hondahornet.co.uk

    Aido. :)>
  13. Had a ride on a Hornet 600 today, these bikes are FUN!!!!

    Why didnt anyone tell me about them before?

    Hornet600 and edgelett, the Netrider Hornet 600 fan club has a new member!
  14. Welcome to the Hornet's Nest!! I concur with the fun quoitient; why today rode up to the Robbo Pie shop twice (but only to scrub in a new rear tyre, mind :LOL:).
  15. I couldnt stop grinning while I rode it!

    Something about a 250 frame with a 600 engine and 900 wheels = FUN!

    If this bike checks out ok, I will be the new owner soon
  16. You wait till you hear it howl at 12,000 rpm :LOL:.
  17. I gave it a run up the revs, nice howl!

    Like the way it can switch from mild to wild depending on your mood!

    I will post some pics if it makes its way to my garage
  18. 2nd & 3rd gear are my favs :grin:
  19. Copyofhornet600.

    I promised pictures of my new purchase, so here you go
  20. mmm, black front guard and non-standard mirrors, nice!