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Hornet 600 tank range

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by edgelett, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. ok guys - 2 days to go till my full licence, so give me the bad news.
    what is my approximate tank range going to be, for both commuting & freeway riding?

  2. Around town riding I generally get around 220 - 230 kms to reserve; I've never run it to the end of reserve so I don't know how much you get.

    Highway riding around 200, or if you are really on the needle, the lowest I've ever got was 180 kms before reserve, between Orbost and Eden :wink:.
  3. thanks paul - that's actually a bit better than I was expecting.
    mine will be ever so slightly worse, due to the dynotune though

    looking forward to frequent refuels!
  4. It's a funny bike. Because it's essentially the 250 frame with the 600 engine, and it has such a good seat, you could actually ride 300kms plus between refuels, if the tank capacity would let you. But frequent refuels provide opportunity for frequent photo opportunities!
  5. hang on a sec you get further out of a tank around town than you do on the highway?
  6. Yes, indeed, because you go a lot faster on the highway......
  7. What the hell, you should be getting alot more on highways because your using alot less throttle adjustments. Around town i get 140km and to a tank on highways i get around 160-190km.
  8. Naked bikes. Aerodynamic drag goes up a lot at highway speeds. My Z used to get worse economy at speed too, and suffered from the same small fuel tank problem the Hornet has.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. oooh alright, Thanks for pointing that out.
  10. which is why I'll be getting a windscreen for highway riding (eventually)
    should help a little.