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hornet 600 tail riser

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by cloud9, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I am a new to this forum. I have a '98 600 Hornet and am chasing a tail riser. I have seen places sell them but none for this bike. Does anyone know if they are available? I am a big fan of naked bikes/streetfighters. I was very impressed with what Edgelett did with her machine. Very cool bike.
    All I have done to my machine is new small blinkers front and rear, k &n air filter and a 45 tooth rear sprocket. I would like to change the bars and a few other trick bits but am still in a learning curve right now.

  2. hey mate, thanks for the compliment!!
    sounds like you've done a few mods already, it's addictive eh?

    when you say 'tail riser' do you mean you want the rear seat to sit up higher?

    one of the guys on the Hornet's Nest did that, injector. took a lot of farting around though...

    or are you after a fender eliminator?
  3. tail riser

    Hi Edgelett,

    How is your bike running, still getting lots of looks? Are there any more plans for mods? I had noticed your posts on the Hornet's Nest. I wish we could get half the after market stuff they get over there. They have some great modded bikes over there. Still they don't get the weather we get for riding.
    In regard to your post yes I am after a unit that raises the ass end. I like the look of the tail high in the air and it is meant to improve handling too. The units available for other bikes are a fairly simple design but geez its easier to buy an off the shelf item before getting too carried away and machining your own. Did Injector post much about what he/she did?
    I plan to change the paint job too down the track once I have the bike performing and handling right. Still just dreaming about that at this stage.
  4. sorry for the late reply been a little busy

    Yes bike still runs beautifuly, it's an awesome bike. yep still get people stopping me at the lights & telling me it's hawt so it keeps me happy lol.

    still got a few mods to go, got some frame plugs I need to install, want some bar end mirrors, need to sort out the paint on my top yoke too...

    yeah they get MUCH more wicked gear inthe UK. At least we have Ebay which is where I bought 99% of my mods lol.

    Injector had a whole thread about what he did, he modded the exhaust to go under tail too. I don't know if you can just buy a kit for it though - i;m pretty sure it was really involved. I can't find the thread though - maybe ask on the nest?
    If you're not a memebr, I can ask for you
  5. tail riser

    Thanks for the offer of contacting Injector. I really would like to do it but I might change my mind if he had major problems. What was the thread called?
    What are frame plugs? Yes I like the bar end mirrors.
    I popped into the local Honda shop yesterday and the Renthal sales rep was there and I ended up buying a set of low anodised blue bars. 2 weeks till delivery though. I didn't even go in there for that. Oops